Billionaire God of War Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804

“I understand, I’ll just take it as a good experience then.”

Diane took Ethan’s hand and walked towards the restaurants inside.

A pair of eyes were staring coldly at Diane and Ethan from afar.

“Tsk,” he scoffed quietly. “Is his invitation card real? I don’t think I sent him one.”

“It’s real, I’ve authenticated it, Mr. Toney,” replied the staff.

His expression was equally nasty. He was just a service staff, but his pride as being someone under Jimmy Toney made it difficult for him to accept the humiliation he suffered earlier in front of so many people.

Ethan had smacked this pride of his into shape in that instant.

Ethan had emphasized on the fact that he was nothing but a service staff!

“Alright, I get it. You make arrangements accordingly.” Jimmy impatiently dismissed the staff with a wave of his hands.

His expression darkened as he watched Ethan and Diane from behind, but suddenly started coughing uncontrollably. He quickly used a handkerchief to cover his mouth.

There was some blood on the handkerchief and Jimmy went pale.

“Damn it!”

He returned to his luxurious room and saw Krishan seated there. A crazed and murderous look flashed in his eyes for a moment, but disappeared soon after.

Krishan had noticed that look, but he wasn’t bothered by it.

“Mr Drake, this sort of place doesn’t seem to suit you, so why come all the way here personally?” Jimmy gave him a fake smile.

“I’m here to send you some medicine.” Krishan just pulled out a small bottle of pills from his pocket. “Eat one every week and you will feel better. But of course, this isn’t the antidote.”

This was as good as admitting that he had poisoned Jimmy!

Jimmy grit his teeth and his entire body was trembling.

But he didn’t throw his temper or curse at Krishan. He just calmly took the bottle, took a pill out and swallowed it.

“So I should thank Mr Drake for helping me ease the painful symptoms.” He felt much better shortly after taking the pill.

Jimmy narrowed his eyes. “Ethan is on this cruise too. If you want to see him, I can make arrangements.”

“No need,” said Krishan. “We’ll meet again sooner or later, but now is not the time.”

He looked at Jimmy. “You said that one of the guests this time has a page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. Which one is he?”

Krishan was here solely for the manual.

He knew that Ethan wasn’t here to poach talents either. He was here for the manual too!

“I can’t tell you now,” Jimmy shook his head and laughed coldly. “It’s not the right time yet.”

He watched as Krishan looked more and more coldly and murderously at him, but he remained nonchalant.

“Even if I told you, you won’t be able to get your hands on it. Your tactics won’t work.”

Did Krishan intend to just snatch it from that person? Who would carry that thing on them all the time? Even if Krishan kidnapped the person and tried to threaten his family, this sort of thing was nothing unusual to these Third World powers.

They would never let any member of the family be of significant value to the clan. That way, even if they lost a few members’ lives, it wouldn’t affect the clan too adversely.

Jimmy Toney’s family worked this way as well, so his life wasn’t really that important to his own family. If he wanted to live, he had to rely on himself.

“If you want that manual, you have to listen to me,” said Jimmy without holding back. “Even if you poison me, it’s meaningless.”

He sat down slowly and leaned back against the sofa as he looked up slightly. He didn’t look like someone who had been poisoned and threatened at all.


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