Billionaire God of War Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805

Someone who had managed to get to his position knew well that if he gave in to Krishan, then he would really be controlled by Krishan and he would be doomed.

When a strong person fought with another strong person, sometimes one would win by sheer confidence.

Jimmy couldn’t fight, but he was powerful in the corporate circles, so he exuded great confidence too.

Jimmy met Krishan’s eyes and didn’t seem any weaker even though he was suffering from the effects of poison.

“Aren’t you afraid to die?”

“Of course I’m afraid to die. But what if I end up dying?” Jimmy scoffed coldly. “You don’t understand how the Third World families work at all. Even the head of the family wouldn’t be threatened by you, do you understand?”

Krishan frowned slightly.

“These are aristocratic families that managed to survive for hundreds of years. You think they’d let one person truly control the entire family?”

Jimmy’s laughter was a little disdainful with some mockery.

He was mocking Krishan for thinking that he could do whatever he wanted just because he had poisoned Jimmy.

That had to be a joke.

“You can go ahead and poison anyone you like and kill me if you wish, but you’d never get the manual this way. Never!”

“If you think that venting your frustrations is more important than getting the manual, then you can kill me anytime.”

Jimmy sounded so nonchalant about this.

It seemed like he wouldn’t even yelp if Krishan killed him now.

This attitude made Krishan feel very uncomfortable, and he felt like he wasn’t able to control Jimmy at all.

“Mr Drake, a partnership requires mutual respect, and you haven’t done a very good job in this aspect,” said Jimmy pointedly. “The attitude you have is really not one of a person who will achieve great things in life.”

“I don’t need you to teach me,” snapped Krishan.

“It’s just a reminder.” Jimmy got up. “The cruise has everything, so if you still want to stick around, there’s plenty of food and entertainment to make you happy.”

Then he pulled the door open and left the room.

The moment he shut the door behind him, Jimmy’s expression darkened.

“Mr. Toney!” His subordinates greeted him with great respect.

“Keep an eye on him, and find a way to keep him on the cruise!” whispered Jimmy as a crazed and murderous glint flashed in his eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Toney!”

Jimmy then quickly left after that.

Jimmy didn’t want someone who poisoned him to stay alive anymore.

But there was probably only one person on this boat who could kill Krishan.

Why did he gather so many people to organize this Technology Convention and spend so much to attract Palmer Group and Ethan here?

He did want to see the CEO of Palmer Group and Ethan for himself, but he also wanted to use Ethan to kill off Krishan.

He knew about how Krishan had a feud with Ethan. Back in Korea, Krishan nearly died at Ethan’s hands. So if his plans on this cruise went well, then Krishan could forget about leaving this boat alive.

Since this blasted old man dared to poison him, then Jimmy didn’t want to keep him around anymore.

It wasn’t difficult for Jimmy to choose between the value that Krishan had and his own life.

The cruise slowly moved forward and the horn that sounded at nightfall seemed to welcome the night almost immediately.

The sky soon darkened and all one could hear was the sound of the lashing waves. The atmosphere was so relaxing.

“It’s too windy outside, let’s go to the restaurant.”

After standing on the deck for a while and enjoying the sea breeze, Diane felt a lot more awake. This was the first time she was experiencing this sort of thing and it was really beautiful.

Ethan took Diane’s hand and entered the restaurant. The organizer had already arranged for dinner.


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