Billionaire God of War Chapter 1806

Chapter 1806

More than ten tables were placed neatly in the restaurant. There were buffet tables on both sides and they were so exquisitely arranged, it was a scenic view in itself, and one could hardly bear to eat these beautiful things.

“If the Legend of Fairbanks were here, she’d eat this cruise broke,” teased Ethan.

“Don’t talk about her like that! She has to get married someday you know?” said Diane. “What if others find out about this reputation of hers?”

If Jenny were really here and heard these two tease her so mercilessly, she would stomp her feet and polish off all the food here to make sure the two of them were deeply embarrassed!

They picked some food for themselves and walked to one of the tables to sit.

Just after they put their plates down and were about to eat, a staff member walked over and smiled while he said politely, “I’m sorry, but both of you cannot sit here.”

Ethan looked up and saw that it was the same staff that had tried to block him at the entrance earlier.

This guy was really here to pick on them.

“Do I need an invitation card to sit here too?” said Ethan. “Is the organizer afraid that someone might sneak in and steal some food?”

“No, sir, you’re mistaken,” said the staff. “The seats here are prearranged.”

“Only those worth $10 billion are allowed to sit at this table.”

“That table is for those worth $20 billion, while that one is for those worth $50 billion.”

The staff continued to smile, but there was a smug look at the back of his eyes. “According to our information, Palmer Group is currently worth less than $10 billion, so I’m afraid both of you cannot sit at this table.”

Diane had a nasty expression on her face.

This fellow was only a service staff and just needed to attend to his own business, but he kept coming to create trouble for them.

Of course, she knew that someone was getting this staff to purposely make things difficult for her and Ethan so that they would embarrass themselves. That way, none of the talents on this cruise would want to follow them.

There would be no chance of that happening!

“We have to sit according to how much we’re worth?” Ethan stood up and suddenly lifted his hand.

He sent that staff flying with a loud slap and the staff crashed heavily on the floor as he clutched his face and started howling.

“How…how could you hit me?”

“Because I also slap others according to how much they’re worth,” said Ethan calmly. “I don’t suppose you’re worth more than $10 billion, right? So one slap is enough.”

The staff opened his mouth but couldn’t get a single word out. He didn’t expect Ethan to hit him.

This cruise belonged to Jimmy Toney’s family!

Everyone was looking at them, with some looking at Ethan, and others looking at the staff.

Some of them took the moral high ground and murmured about how Ethan was ill mannered and ungentlemanly. But before they could continue, they were all frightened into silence by Ethan’s terrifying stare.

They were sure that if they continued talking, Ethan would come over and slap them according to how much they were worth.

“Do not think that you can simply bite anyone just because you’re someone’s dog,” said Ethan as he looked down at the staff. “Look carefully, because there are some people that dogs shouldn’t go near.”

He stood in front of the staff and stared down at him like a huge mountain crushing on the staff. The immense pressure made the staff feel a terror inside him. He nearly stopped breathing and all the color drained from his face.

The air also seemed to suddenly turn icy cold and he shuddered all over.

Ethan stopped staring so intensely and the suffocating pressure instantly lifted. He smiled and looked at the staff, “So where should those worth $100 billion sit?”


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