Billionaire God of War Chapter 1807

Chapter 1807

$100 billion?

Was Ethan saying he was worth $100 billion?

Some of them couldn’t help but laugh, but they all shut up when they saw Ethan’s glare.

Ethan wasn’t going to show any mercy if he wanted to thrash them.

If someone familiar with Ethan were here, he would know that Ethan was being humble. $100 billion was just the amount in one account.

But the staff didn’t dare to argue back. He knew that Ethan was a vicious one, and a small fry like him couldn’t afford to offend him at all.

This slap was so heavy that his mouth was still numb and his teeth were loose.

“So which table should I sit at?” Ethan asked again.

He stared down at the staff, and that look was enough to kill!

“That…that table,” he quietly replied in a trembling voice as he pointed to the table right in front.

Ethan nodded, picked up the plates and brought Diane over to that table.

Only one person was seated at that table, and he frowned slightly when he saw Ethan walk over.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t sit here.” Lance Salo didn’t bother being polite, and his voice even sounded disdainful. “I don’t sit with people who have no manners.”

Lance was from the Salo family, a famous aristocratic family in Europe, so they valued manners the most.

Ethan had hit a service staff member in public, and that was something that only those who were ill mannered with poor upbringing would do.

“Manners?” Ethan laughed. “Didn’t they divide the seats according to one’s monetary worth? When did it become a matter of manners?”

Lance remained expressionless. “Please leave.”

“Wifey, this food is just average, and it’s not even as nice as the food served in our company canteen,” said Ethan as if he hadn’t heard what Lance said at all. He started to tuck into the food with Diane. “But since we’re out here, then we shouldn’t be too picky.”

“As long as it’s not poisoned, and we can eat our fill, then we should be happy.”

Lance frowned even more deeply.

“This is such a high class restaurant and you think there might be poison in the food? How could you malign others like that?”

Lance became even unhappier with Ethan’s words.

This man wasn’t gentlemanly, and he even falsely accused others!

“I’m saying that yours is poisoned. Mine isn’t,” Ethan took a bite of his own food and pointed to the food in front of Lance. “You can take a bite if you don’t believe me.”

Besides Lance, the two bodyguards standing behind him also had nasty expressions on their faces after hearing what Ethan said.

They felt that Ethan was a nutcase for spouting nonsense here. This was a very high class convention and it was held on such a luxurious cruise too. The organizer made sure that security was a priority here, and of course, as Lance’s bodyguards, these two men were working hard to protect their boss too!

Ethan was clearly challenging them now!

“Sir, you should not speak irresponsibly!” shouted one of the bodyguards.

Ethan continued eating and glanced at him. “I’ve already said what I should have said, if you don’t believe me, take a bite. If one of you dies, it’s not my problem.”

The bodyguard smiled coldly and took a step forward. “Mr Lance, this is my responsibility.”

He had already checked and made sure there was no poison.

It was true that part of his job included ensuring that nothing that Lance ate had any problems.

Lance didn’t say anything, so the bodyguard immediately took a piece and ate it as he looked disdainfully at Ethan. He was going to wait and watch Ethan embarrass himself terribly.

But shortly after he swallowed it, he couldn’t even say anything, because his face suddenly paled, his eyes immediately widened and his hand clutched his own throat desperately.


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