Billionaire God of War Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808


Lance and the other bodyguard paled.

“What’s going on?” shouted Lance.

But before that first bodyguard could say anything, he collapsed to the floor with a thud. His large and round eyes were filled with puzzlement and a tinge of disbelief.

Blackened blood dribbled from his mouth and Lance was terrified.

“He’s been poisoned!” The other bodyguards immediately surrounded Lance while one of the checked the body and exclaimed.

Everyone else started expressing their shock. Nobody expected the food in this restaurant to actually be poisoned.

Some of the people who were still eating quickly stuck a finger into their mouths to force themselves to retch.

The restaurant was soon filled with the sound of retching.

Ethan frowned slightly. “Why don’t these people have any manners?”

Lance’s expression was pale. He hadn’t taken a mouthful yet, and if Ethan hadn’t come over to sit, he would have just continued watching the show while eating. If that happened, he would be the one lying motionless on the floor right now.

“How…how did you know the food was poisoned?” he stared at Ethan and spoke rather unkindly.

Ethan ignored him as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Forget it, this noise has probably made you lose your appetite.” He took Diane’s hand and said, “I’ve brought some instant noodles along, so let’s go back to the room and have some. It’s the pickled vegetable flavored ones.”

“Ok!” Diane’s eyes lit up.

She only realized what she really liked to eat after being away from home.

The two of them just left hand in hand, as if nothing happened earlier.

The restaurant was already in chaos.

Lance watched Ethan walk away and took a deep breath. “Find out who he is, and find out who tried to poison me!”

“Mr Lance, could he be the one…” whispered the bodyguard cautiously.

“Impossible.” Lance shook his head.

Ethan had kept a good distance from Lance, and this was their first meeting, so there was no chance for him to poison the food. And even if he really painstakingly managed to poison the food, why would he warn Lance?

“If he really wanted to kill me, he could have just waited from afar. There was no need to come over to tell me about it.”

Lance was still feeling fearful. He very nearly became a dead body!

“Yes, Mr Lance. We’ll investigate immediately!” replied the bodyguards.

Jimmy soon came over. When he heard about what happened in the restaurant, he started cursing away in his heart.

When he found out that someone’s food had been poisoned, he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone now.

“Krishan? This bloody asshole! What is he trying to do?!” cursed Jimmy.

He knew that Krishan was capable of poisoning others without a trace. But why did he try to poison Lance at this time? Was he nuts?

Didn’t he want the Extreme Fist Technique Manual at all?!

“Everyone, please do not worry. The cruise is safe and I can promise you that this will not happen again!” said Jimmy loudly. “I will get to the bottom of this and make sure that there are no more food contamination issues.”

He just said this was a case of food contamination, because he couldn’t possibly say that someone had really poisoned the food.

“Mr Lance, I’m really sorry about this. I’ve already conducted an investigation and it turns out that the person in charge of purchasing the food did not go through stringent quality checks, so the food became contaminated. As for the bodyguard who lost his life, I will compensate you for that!”

He stood in front of Lance and looked terribly guilty.

Lance just glanced at him.

“Mr. Toney, every single attendee for this convention are people of high standing in society, as well as world famous scientists. If your family can’t even guarantee the safety of everyone on this boat, then you’d better let us dock!”


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