Billionaire God of War Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810

“It smells so good.” Diane took a deep breath and her face was slightly red. “The buffet food was too western. Everything looked really pretty, but it’s not tasty enough.”

“There’s a reason why our food is famous, you know?” Ethan laughed.

Just when Ethan was talking, someone started knocking on their door.

Ethan got up and opened the door to see Lance standing outside.

“Who are you looking for?”

Lance raised his eyebrows slightly because of the fragrance that hit his nostrils the moment the door opened. He suddenly felt a little hungry now.

After finding out that his food was poisoned, he hadn’t dared to eat anything. It was hard for him to not feel hungry when he smelled the instant noodles inside the room.

“I wanted to ask how you knew the food was poisoned.”

Ethan glanced at Lance, then at the few bodyguards behind Lance.

“You should be asking why those guys didn’t discover it,” said Ethan calmly.

The bodyguards’ faces went red with embarrassment and didn’t know how to respond.

Their carelessness cost them one of their colleagues, and nearly caused Lance to die in the restaurant.

Now that Ethan was questioning them in front of Lance, they felt like an absolute disgrace.

“I’m asking you right now!” Lance’s voice grew deeper and emanated a sort of authoritativeness, as if Ethan was his subordinate.

Ethan wasn’t bothered by his question and couldn’t even be bothered to say anything else. He started to push the door shut again and Lance quickly reached out to stop him.

“You’re being rude!”

“I’m a guest!”

“Some guests you are,” snorted Ethan. He slammed the door shut and didn’t care about Lance.

Lance’s expression was livid. Nobody had ever dared to speak to him like that.

“Mr Lance,” the bodyguards were furious. “This fellow is way too arrogant! We’ll bang the door down!”

One of them was about to rush at the door but Lance stopped him.

“Stop it!” Lance shook his head. “Don’t act rashly.”

Since Ethan was able to discover a poison that his bodyguards couldn’t, that meant that Ethan was no ordinary person. Nobody knew exactly what was going on within this cruise at all, but someone was definitely out to kill him.

“All of you can go,” said Lance as he said to his bodyguards.


“It’s alright, it’s safe with him here.”

Lance reached out to knock on the door again.

The door opened with a creak.

“What are you eating?” Lance didn’t ask about what happened earlier. His nose wrinkled slightly and he was already staring into the room. “It smells really good. I didn’t get to eat anything just now.”

Without waiting for Ethan to say anything, he squeezed his way into the room.

Ethan looked at him in annoyance and snorted out loud when he saw Lance staring at the pickled vegetables instant noodles on the table.

“This isn’t good stuff, you know?”

“Do you have any more?”

Lance tried his best to keep calm, but he couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva anyway.

Then his stomach started growling again.

“We do,” Diane couldn’t help but laugh and she took another bowl from the suitcase. “But you might not be used to this taste.”

She looked at Ethan to ask with her eyes if Lance could have the noodles. She had heard Lance’s stomach growling clearly and was sure that this poor man had been too scared by the poisoning episode earlier to eat anything else on this cruise.

Ethan didn’t object, so Diane passed him the instant noodles and pointed at the electric kettle. Add some hot water and let it soak for three minutes, then you can eat it.”

Lance froze. He had no idea how to do any of this.

Diane laughed and took the instant noodles back from him. She tore open the packaging, poured all the condiments in, walked to the kettle and poured in hot water. In no time, the fragrance started to waft out from the bowl and Lance’s eyes were huge.


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