Billionaire God of War Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811

If they didn’t see it for themselves, Lance’s bodyguards would never have thought this was really happening.

One of the most important members to the Salo family was actually hugging a bowl of instant noodles and gobbling it down hungrily!

Had he starved for a few days?

Was it really that good?

After he started making those slurping sounds, he didn’t look the least well-mannered anymore.

The only well-mannered part was the fact that Lance had used a paper napkin to catch any soup that might drip onto his clothes.

But the more he ate, the more he enjoyed it. He loved the sourness mixed in with the spiciness and the numbness of the chili, as well as the chewy texture of the noodles. He had completely forgotten that so many eyes were on him.

The last mouthful of soup was gone.

Lance wiped his mouth and suddenly realized that he must have looked rather ugly earlier when he was slurping the noodles and his face instantly reddened.

“What’s this called?”

He purposely tried to look calm, but he was still enjoying that sour and spicy taste in his throat. He couldn’t help but peek at Diane’s suitcase because he thought he saw some more bowls of this stuff inside.

“Instant noodles,” replied Diane.

“Is it very expensive?” asked Lance curiously.

Someone like him had grown up eating only the food cooked by top chefs and was sick of everything.

This was the first time he was eating something like this and he felt like he was walking on clouds. All his pores were still perspiring.

“It’s quite expensive,” Diane chuckled. “But I’m sure your family can afford it.”

She poured Lance a cup of water and Lance quickly took it from her. “Thank you.”

He didn’t expect this lady to be so gentle. Every move she made was able to put him at ease.

But Ethan stood next to her and seemed to be covered with spikes. His expression alone was unapproachable.

“Since you’re done eating and drinking, then it’s time you left the room.” Ethan didn’t bother being polite at all. “Someone wants to kill you, so if you continue to stay here, he won’t get a chance.”

Lance’s face reddened in anger. He really hated the way Ethan spoke.

“You’re very confident,” he said through gritted teeth. “So you’re saying that as long as I’m here, nobody can kill me?”

“If not?” Ethan shrugged. “Either you pay me protection fees, or you leave. Stop interrupting our date.”

Lance trembled in fury.

But since he had eaten his fill, then he had to watch his manners.

He put the cup of water down quietly and ignored Ethan. He turned to Diane and bowed slightly. “Thank you for your generosity, goodbye.”

He turned and walked out of the room.

He couldn’t be bothered to ask Ethan again about how he had discovered the poison in his food. Ethan’s confidence was more like arrogance!

Lance walked to the door and turned around to nod slightly at Diane. He made sure to be as polite as he ought to.

After the door was shut, Diane glanced at Ethan, then glanced at the bowl of instant noodles that was so well cleaned out, Lance was just short of eating the bowl itself.

“If he went to New Haven, he would probably end up drowning himself in all the delicious food that city offers,” she laughed.

“This fellow has never seen the world,” snorted Ethan. “Take a rest, I’ll clear up.”

Outside the door.

Lance couldn’t help but lick his lips. He could still taste that sour and spicy taste.

“Investigate this for me,” he said.

“Yes, Mr Lance. I’ll call someone back home to check on these two people…”

“I want you to check what on earth I just ate just now.” Lance raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t asking them to check on the couple. “It was delicious.”


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