Billionaire God of War Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812

With that, Lance turned to leave. His bodyguards exchanged glances and didn’t know what to say, and quickly ran after him.

They had no idea what that was either. They had grown up under the care of the Salo family, so they also ate only the best food in the world. They…had really never seen instant noodles before.

Lance thought about these things while walking, and the bodyguards followed behind him closely as they kept a close eye on things.

Suddenly, a black figure flashed past them!

Before the bodyguards could react, one of them screamed in pain and collapsed.

His back had been slashed open and there was blood everywhere.

“There’s an assassin!”

The bodyguards immediately surrounded Lance, but the number of figures in black increased, and they were now appearing in all directions.

And all of them were charging towards Lance!

Lance paled terribly. Someone was really out to kill him.

Who was it?!

Before he could think of who it could be, his bodyguards started fighting with the figures in black. But they were fast fighters and the daggers in their hands were even more vicious.

“Mr Lance, run!” Three of the bodyguards had been killed in the blink of an eye. Everyone else paled because they didn’t expect these assassins to be this formidable.

“We’ll block them, Mr Lance, run!”

Lance didn’t know where to go at all and his heart was going to leap out of his mouth soon. He had run into assassins before, but he couldn’t believe such a supposedly secure place would be rife with so many assassins!

Were the Toney’s a bunch of useless idiots?!

Lance ended up running towards Ethan’s room. His bodyguards couldn’t hold up for long.

Compared to those assassins, his bodyguards were nothing.

They all died within moments.

Lance wasn’t sure if their howls and screams would attract the security guards on the cruise, and he wasn’t going to count on that either.

There were footsteps running towards him. They were urgent and malicious, and seemed to carry icy cold knives!

“Help! Help!” Lance didn’t even dare to turn around to look. He ran to Ethan’s room and banged violently against the door. “HELP!”


Two figures in black came flying towards him like a ghost.

The sinister eyes beneath their mask were suffocatingly cold.

Lance watched as the dagger came towards his heart and was about to despair. His legs nearly gave way.

Just when the two figures in black almost reached Lance and that dagger was about to stab into Lance’s heart, the door opened.

Lance saw something move in front of his eyes. Was that a fist? He wasn’t sure.

After that, the two figures in black flew out like a kite whose string broke and crashed hard against the wall. They bounced off the floor with a muffled sound, then disappeared into the distance.

Ethan walked out and dusted his hands off as he glanced at Lance who had collapsed onto the floor.

“Why are you so hard to get rid of?” he frowned. “You’ve already eaten one bowl of instant noodles and now you’re here to disturb my sleep?”

“You…” Lance’s eyes and mouth were still wide open.

He was still in a daze. Those two figures in black had just been sent flying like that, and he didn’t even see how Ethan hit them.

That was terrifying.

His bodyguards were like children compared to Ethan.

“No! Wait! Don’t close the door!” Lance was about to cry when he saw Ethan start closing the door on him. He used his hand to push against the door. “Please don’t close the door! Someone is trying to kill me!”

All his bodyguards were already dead, so who else could he count on now?

Jimmy Toney?

That useless asshole actually had assassins on his own cruise!

Ethan glanced at him and scoffed quietly. “And how is this any of my business?”


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