Billionaire God of War Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813

Lance’s hand was nearly caught in the door.

Ethan had just shut the door on Lance and didn’t care about him at all.

Lance stared at the door, then spun around to look at the empty corridor behind him. He felt like those figures in black were staring at him right now.

He didn’t dare to move and just leaned against Ethan’s door. He wanted to knock on the door again, but he was afraid that if he angered Ethan, Ethan would stop bothering him.

Terror, helplessness and even fury continued to appear on Lance’s face.

He was just here to attend a conference. Was he going to end up dying as well?

After some time, the corridor was filled with the sound of footsteps.

Jimmy had come with a few dozen security guards and they were all armed.

“Be on guard!” Jimmy shouted. He saw Lance slumped on the floor and his heart sank.

The guards immediately surrounded Lance.

“Mr Lance!” Jimmy ran over. “Are you alright?”

Lance looked at Jimmy and the fury in his eyes was like a ball of fire that threatened to burn Jimmy alive.

“Jimmy!” he roared furiously. “Are you trying to get me killed?”

“How could that be?” Jimmy quickly tried to explain. “How could I possibly be trying to kill you, Mr Lance? We’re business partners, and the Salo family is a powerful family that I respect very much! I have no reason to harm you!”

He had already seen that Lance’s bodyguards were all dead.

This already shocked Jimmy to the core.

How could there be assassins on a cruise that belonged to his family? And these assassins were so vicious, and refused to let Lance go.

First they tried to poison Lance but failed, then now they attempted to kill Lance directly but ended up killing off all his bodyguards. Lance very nearly died on Jimmy’s cruise.

If the Salo family got angry about this, the Toneys were in trouble!

“Damn it!” cursed Jimmy in his heart. Who was behind this?

If they weren’t here to harm Lance, then they were here to get the Toneys into trouble.

“Mr Lance, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you! Please believe me!” said Jimmy.

But Lance shook his head.

How was he supposed to believe this?

This cruise belonged to the Toneys and so did all the staff here. This was a conference organized by Jimmy Toney as well. But now this cruise was filled with assassins and Lance felt like his life was in danger as long as he remained on this boat.

“I really can’t trust you on this,” said Lance. “I’m going to call my family to pick me up, so I want you to dock this cruise right now!”

Jimmy’s expression was rather nasty.

The conference hadn’t even started but they had to turn back now? Lance wasn’t the only big shot on this boat.

Too many people were at stake here.

“Mr Lance, please don’t worry. There is absolutely no problem with the security on this cruise. I…”

“All my bodyguards are dead!” Lance couldn’t help but shout. “If I wasn’t lucky enough, I wouldn’t even be standing here and talking to you!”

“Jimmy, I can tell you that even though I’m not really that important to the Salo family, but if I die on this cruise, then I’m sure you know very well what sort of trouble your family will be in!”

Jimmy’s face paled and he was so upset that he clenched his teeth.

This was a really big problem.

“Mr Lance, I understand, and that’s why I will definitely make sure that you’re safe. These bodyguards will protect you round the clock and they will not go anywhere!” said Jimmy. “I will launch an investigation immediately and I will weed out any assassins hiding in our midst!”

Then he waved his hand and made sure that a few dozen bodyguards remained close to Lance and didn’t let anybody near him.

“The rest, come with me!” shouted Jimmy. “If you don’t find the assassin, then you can all jump into the sea and die!”

Lance remained where he was and had no expression on his face.


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