Billionaire God of War Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814

Lance didn’t trust Jimmy, and even suspected that these assassins might be connected to the Toneys. He just wanted to stay outside Ethan’s room door. Even if he couldn’t go in, just staying outside was probably the safest spot in the entire cruise.

Jimmy brought some of his men with him to locate the assassin, while Lance continued standing where he was.

He was surrounded by a few dozen armed bodyguards and protected him on all sides. They kept a close eye on all directions and made sure that not even a fly would make it in.

After a long time, the room door opened.

Ethan saw that Lance was still standing outside his room and couldn’t help but frown.

“Why are you still here?”

A few dozen gun barrels were immediately aimed at Ethan.

“Put them down!” shouted Lance anxiously. “How dare you be so rude!”

Ethan’s expression remained aloof and wasn’t bothered by how these men pointed guns at him.

But a murderous glint in his eye flashed by very quickly.

If any of these men tried anything funny, he would die before he could pull the trigger.

“I want to follow you,” said Lance after a moment of hesitation.

He really couldn’t trust anybody else, especially Jimmy. It was probably safest to follow Ethan around, even though he didn’t know Ethan at all and didn’t even know Ethan’s name.

“I’m not so free,” Ethan immediately turned him down.

“I’ll pay protection fees!” said Lance. “Name your price, I’ll accept it. I just need you to protect me until my family comes to pick me up.”

“Hello, do I look like someone who’s short on money to you?” Ethan asked with a disdainful snort as he pointed to himself.

Name his price?

The only person he was willing to protect in this world was Diane.

Even if anybody else offered him a gold mine, he wouldn’t be interested.

When he saw Ethan and Diane walk away, Lance quickly ran after them. The bodyguards sent by Jimmy immediately ran after him as well.

“Hmm?” Ethan turned and frowned.

“Don’t follow me!” yelled Lance at the bodyguards.

“But Mr Lance…”

“I said, don’t follow me!” he roared angrily and didn’t sound well-mannered anymore. “If anybody tries to follow me, I’ll make sure the Toneys pay the price for doing that!”

Nobody dared to follow him after that.

Lance continued to follow behind Ethan and kept a three meter distance at all times. He didn’t even dare to move one centimeter forward.

He went wherever Ethan went, and wasn’t bothered by how Ethan ignored him. As long as Ethan remained within sight, he felt that he was safe.

“There’s an assassin on the cruise?” Diane held onto Ethan’s arm and saw many people running around in a frenzy, and heard someone shout that there was an assassin on the boat.

Besides Lance, someone else had been attacked as well.

This was no small matter!

The cruise had already gone into open waters, so even if it wanted to turn back, it would take some time before it reached a harbor. If someone got attacked again during this time, the Toneys security forces weren’t going to be enough to protect everyone.

But Diane wasn’t afraid.

She was next to Ethan, which was the safest place in the world.

“There are assassins on the boat, and there are quite a number of them too,” said Ethan nonchalantly.

He talked about assassins like he was talking about garbage.

“But why can’t anyone find them?” Lance blurted out.

Jimmy had already sent a few hundred men out to search the entire cruise, but they still couldn’t find any clues.

It was as if those fellows had appeared from nowhere, and disappeared into thin air again.

“They’re all hiding in the water, so it’s going to be hard to find them.” Ethan turned and glanced at Lance as he narrowed his eyes slightly. “And why are you still following me?”


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