Billionaire God of War Chapter 1815

Chapter 1815

Lance was a little stunned and his face turned red.

If anybody else shouted at him like that, he would have retorted with so what?

He was from the Salo family after all, so following Ethan should have been Ethan’s honor!

But he didn’t dare to say something like this now.

“I just happened to be going the same way as you are.” Lance coughed. “Did you say that the assassins are hiding in the water?”

Ethan had to be kidding.

They were in open waters and the temperature of the water at this time of the year was very low. Besides, didn’t these people need to breathe?

But Jimmy had already checked everyone on board the cruise, regardless of whether they were guests or staff, and nobody was suspicious.

But people continued to keep dying, and the entire cruise was now engulfed in fear.

Ethan couldn’t be bothered to waste his words on Lance.

Everyone else on the cruise was panicking and feeling fear, and Ethan was probably the only one who remained calm throughout and wasn’t bothered by this matter at all.


Of course, these weren’t assassins from Harkness’ Assassins Group. Those people wouldn’t create any trouble for Ethan unless they were tired of living.

There was only one group of people who had this sort of ability and were great experts in hiding themselves.

The Japanese Warriors!

These were Japanese ninjas.

He ignored Lance and continued to walk around while holding Diane’s hand. They milled around casually as if they were really on a date. They didn’t seem affected by the feeling of fear and terror that had gripped the rest of the boat.

Lance continued following behind them and refused to go too far from them. It didn’t matter if Ethan ignored him or refused to talk to him.

Following Ethan was the safest option.

Jimmy was really going nuts now.

In just one hour, another two people had died!

And these people were of pretty high standing too.

He had no choice but to gather everyone together so that all his bodyguards could protect everyone on board at the same time.

“Jimmy! What is going on?! How could there be assassins on your family’s cruise?”

“Think of a way to dock the cruise! If anything happens to me, your family is going to answer for it!”

“This is a scheme by the Toneys, isn’t it?”

Angry voices continued to fill the air.

Some of them tried to contact their families to send someone to pick them up, but there was no signal out there.

Someone had also tampered with the cruise’s own communication channel, so it would take quite some time to repair.

Jimmy’s head was going to burst soon. He started coughing violently from his anxiety and the poison inside his body made him vomit blood.

Who on earth was behind this?

“Mr. Toney, we’ve checked the entire cruise and discovered nothing,” reported the leader of the bodyguards. “I’m afraid we have to check the waters under the boat.”

They finally realized that there was nowhere for anyone to hide on the cruise, except in the waters beneath.

Jimmy’s expression was livid.

“Check the waters!”

Several people had already been killed, so the pressure on him was tremendous.

His conference and other plans weren’t important now. Trying to keep these people alive and making sure that the Toneys didn’t end up having to take on too much responsibility for this was of utmost importance now.

In the waters?

He didn’t care where they were. He was going to dig them out!

“Everyone, don’t run about and just stay within the main lobby. That way, your safety will be ensured,” shouted Jimmy.

But the people were restless and not everyone wanted to stay here. The air started getting very stuffy after a while, and the oppressive sentiment in the air made everyone very emotional.

“I want to go back to my room! If you want to protect me, then send someone to guard me outside my door! I don’t want to stay here anymore!”

“Move aside! All of you are just useless pieces of trash! How could you allow assassins into the boat? Is that all the Toneys are capable of?”

“Move aside! Don’t bother me!”


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