Billionaire God of War Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816

Jimmy clenched his teeth and tried his best to persuade the crowd.

He needed everyone to remain here in order for them to be protected and not let the assassins get a chance to kill them.

Ethan shook his head and glanced at Jimmy like he was an idiot.

He picked up several snacks and carried some food on plates. “Let’s go back to the room. It’s even more dangerous here.”

“Why?” Diane didn’t understand.

“There are too many stupid people here.”

Ethan didn’t explain and just left with Diane. He just ignored all those bodyguards.

They had guessed that the assassins were possibly hiding in the waters, but checking the waters now was too late.

Which assassin was so stupid?

They wouldn’t just stay in the same place and not move. After Ethan severely injured two of them, they would be on high alert.

These assassins were definitely on board the boat by now.

Besides, these Japanese Warriors weren’t just good at hiding, but also good at disguising themselves.

Some of the people on board were probably killed, then had their identities stolen. It was too dangerous to stay here.

Ethan turned and left, so Lance quickly followed behind.

He didn’t trust anyone else now, so he followed Ethan everywhere.

Even though he didn’t like Ethan, he felt secure with Ethan by his side. It was as if as long as Ethan was around him, nothing would happen to him.

After all, he had seen Ethan just send two of his assailants flying.

His bodyguards hadn’t been to hold up against them but Ethan sent them flying!

“I’ll help you carry the plates and both of you can hold hands,” Lance quickly offered his services and came up to carry the plates for Ethan. He smiled ingratiatingly, “I’ll help you to carry the plates, pass them to me!”

Ethan glanced at him and nodded slightly.

“Not bad, you’re quite observant. Your family raised you well, you’re very well-mannered.”

Lance wanted to curse at Ethan but didn’t dare to. He could only smile and nod as Ethan complimented him.

At least Ethan let him into the room.

This was the safest place to be right now!


In the main lobby of the cruise.

There was a lot of space, as well as much food and drink. A few hundred bodyguards surrounded the guests and didn’t let any strangers near the crowd.

The fear in the air slowly dissipated.

Those who chose to stay in the lobby slowly started to calm down.

Since so many armed bodyguards were protecting them, they felt that they were no longer in danger.

Jimmy had sent several men into the water to check, but they came up with nothing.

“What’s going on?” Jimmy was furious. “Didn’t you say the assassins were underwater? Where are they?!”

The leader of the bodyguards looked rather embarrassed. He had gone underwater himself, but there was nobody around the cruise nor under the boat.

“Perhaps…” His face was red as he grit his teeth and said, “Perhaps they’ve already killed the people they wanted and have left.”

Just as he said these words, the lights in the main hall blacked out.

Then the lights in the corridor went dark.

Followed by the cabin lights.

They were left with only some emergency lights, and green lights flashed as the piercing sound of the alarm went off.

Jimmy paled even further.

“What’s going on?!” he shouted. “Why did the electricity trip? Check what happened! Now!”

The main lobby suddenly plunged into darkness. The fear that had dissipated earlier immediately overwhelmed the people again.

Humans were fearful of the unknown, and there were too many unknowns in the darkness.


A bloodcurdling scream instantly struck everyone’s eardrums and made all of their hearts nearly leap out of their mouths!


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