Billionaire God of War Chapter 1819

Chapter 1819

Ethan didn’t bother being polite.

He didn’t need to be.

It was precisely because these Third World powers existed that the world was in such a mess.

These powers were behind many countries’ politics, economy and even culture. They had control over the direction of the world and manipulated others for the sake of their own benefit.

Lance didn’t dare to refute Ethan at all.

He knew all about this and he had wondered if continuing like this was wrong, and whether there was a way to change it.

But he eventually realized that he couldn’t change anything.

The rules were such, and this was essentially the embodiment of the law of the jungle in the city. Nobody could change this.

“As long as the rules don’t change, such things will keep happening. That’s why your clans never allow anybody to become significant in the advancement of the clan, because they’re afraid that this significant person would suddenly be killed.”

Ethan glanced at Lance. “It’s very tiring to live in fear all the time.”

Lance took a deep breath, shook his head and laughed bitterly. “It is very tiring.”

He had to make all sorts of preparations every single day because someone might come to kill him. He would either die, or be lucky enough to survive.

He had no idea when he might suddenly be killed or who might possibly kill him.

After all, the various powers had been fighting for so long and had fought bloody battles for decades or even centuries. Some of these feuds were impossible to resolve.

It was tiring. It was very sad and tiring.

Nobody wanted to live only to wait for death to come knocking on their door.

But what could he do about that?

As a member of the Salo family, he knew that longstanding clans like his had to either keep becoming more and more powerful to the point where nobody dared to ruffle their feathers, otherwise they would be killed off by other new powers and disappear forever.

Lance sat back down on a chair and felt rather dejected. He suddenly felt like there was no point in living anymore.

But of course, he was more afraid to die and didn’t want to die. He knew that if he walked out of this room, someone would come after him immediately.


The screams on the cruise continued.

People were running for their lives in all directions.

Jimmy was going crazy.

He was nearly murdered as well!

A black shadow was catching up from behind and Jimmy was really going mad. Who were these nutcases?!

Suddenly, that shadow fell to the floor and started bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Jimmy took a deep breath and looked up to see Krishan dust his palms off. Some white powder fell onto the man in black on the floor and it made a sizzling sound.

“Japanese Warriors, tsk.” Krishan scoffed and his face was covered with disdain.

He was having a good time in the room when suddenly the lights went out and the terrible screams outside made him very annoyed.

He didn’t care about what was happening outside. Even if someone was getting killed, it had nothing to do with him.

But he didn’t like it when his mood was affected.

“The Japanese Warriors? You mean they’re from the Masamune Syndicate?!” When Jimmy heard what Krishan said, he clenched his teeth. “These idiots actually dared to come here and kill so many people!”

He looked at Krishan. If Krishan hadn’t saved him in time, he would be dead by now.

“Your life is mine, so I’m the only one allowed to kill you.”

Krishan’s words made Jimmy angry and hateful, but there was nothing he could do about it.

At least he was still alive.

“If these Japanese Warriors kill off all those important people, then you can forget about getting that manual.”

Jimmy took a deep breath. He knew Krishan’s weakness, and this was the only thing he could use to make Krishan work for him.

As expected, Krishan immediately narrowed his eyes when he heard this.


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