Billionaire God of War Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820

“If something happens to them, their families will hold my family accountable, so it will become almost impossible for me to get anywhere near them in the future.”

“I organized this conference in order to get close to them and eventually get the manual. You know all about this, I don’t have to explain it to you,” said Jimmy.

“Humph.” Krishan just scoffed and disappeared into the darkness.

He was getting that manual by hook or by crook. If anyone stood in his way, he’d kill him!

Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief. If Krishan was willing to deal with these assassins, then everything would be fine.

Krishan was more terrifying than those Japanese Warriors, and he was excellent at using poison.

He was suddenly glad that Krishan was still on the cruise. Otherwise he would perish on this cruise as well!

After a while, the lights flickered back on as the electricity supply came back.

There was a lot of blood all over the floor as well as several dead bodies lying everywhere. The remaining survivors were all trembling as they either hugged each other or curled up in a corner. None of them looked like they were big shots anymore.

Jimmy got his staff to quickly clean up the place and his face was rather pale.

After something like that had happened, his family would have to be answerable for what happened and it was going to be hard to explain things.

Krishan flung one of the Warriors in front of Jimmy. “This fellow should be the leader of the assassins. With this guy in your hands, you can be accountable to the families of the victims, right?”

Jimmy looked at the man before him. His limbs had all been broken and there was something in his mouth as well. Krishan didn’t even give him the chance to kill himself.

“With this fellow, I can prove that they were the ones behind this.” Jimmy took a deep breath. “Don’t worry, I will do what I promised you.”

He then took a step forward and slapped the Warrior across the face as he spat fiercely, “How dare you try to attack us! The Masamune Syndicate is really bold, huh! You will have to pay the price for doing this! Take him away!”

The Masamune Syndicate was also a Third World power, but it was still far off from the top aristocratic families.

Since they had dared to be crazy enough to kill all these people from major Third World powers, then they could settle this feud themselves.

He just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be held responsible.

Thankfully, Lance didn’t die. Otherwise, things would really become very tricky.

The cruise was safe now.

Ethan walked out of the room with Diane and Lance continued to follow closely behind them.

After what had happened, nobody wanted to continue with the conference and begged Jimmy to dock the cruise.

They had discovered a name list on that Warrior, and Lance’s name was part of that list!

Jimmy didn’t dare to refuse his passengers’ requests and was afraid of more trouble.

The cruise made a U-turn and once it reached the harbor, Ethan and Diane got off the cruise. Lance was still behind them.

“Let me follow you two,” said Lance. “My folks aren’t here yet and…I don’t dare to wander about by myself.”

His bodyguards were all dead and he was only able to contact his family after the cruise had docked. It would take them some time to get here.

“We’re not staying here.” Ethan didn’t elaborate further and walked away with Diane. Since the conference wasn’t happening, they weren’t going to stay in this foreign country any longer.

Lance was going wherever they were going.

Ethan and Diane bought plane tickets immediately and Lance quickly caught up with them. He refused to leave them.

“Where are you two going?” Lance looked at the destination on the plane ticket. It was a place he had never been to nor even heard of. “New Haven? What place is this? Is this where you live?”

Ethan and Diane exchanged glances.

“That’s heaven,” said Diane with a smile.


Lance’s face instantly paled.

Only dead people went to heaven!

Were they…were they going to send him to his death?!


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