Billionaire God of War Chapter 1821

Chapter 1821

Lance was very anxious and hesitated several times before finally choosing to board the plane with Ethan and Diane to head towards New Haven.


This was really heaven!

The moment he followed them into the city, Lance’s eyes started glowing like a wolf’s.

“It smells good! It smells so good!”

The fragrance wafting from the food stalls that flanked both sides of the street made Lance feel like his soul was dancing.

He had never seen roadside stalls before. He used to either go to high class restaurants or ate the food that his family chefs prepared. His family never ate anything that wasn’t expensive or classy enough.

But on the cruise, the instant noodles from Diane had opened the world of his taste buds to discover new horizons.

“Could I exchange some money with you?”

Lance didn’t have a lot of cash, and they were all foreign currency. These small stalls didn’t accept credit cards either.

He could only smile awkwardly and ask to change money with Diane.

He knew it was pointless asking Ethan.

“It’s alright, I’ll just lend you money.” Diane took her phone out and scanned the QR code of the small stall and paid the stall owner with the press of a button on her phone. Lance was stunned by this site.


“This is how we pay for things around here,” said Diane. “We’re going into the cashless era.”

Lance took a deep breath. He had heard of such things before, but this was the first time he was experiencing it for himself.

This seemed very high tech, but it was commonplace even on the small streets.

“The integrated circuits that our company is developing will be in line with all these products,” said Diane proudly. “It will help everyone to enjoy greater convenience in their lives, make the world a better, more environmentally friendly and a safer place.”

Lance nodded and gave a thumbs up, but his eyes were looking at the stall owner. “It’s yummy! It’s yummy!”

This huge fried dough twist was both sweet and tangy, and the sesame seeds on it were very fragrant.

Lance wasn’t listening to Diane and was filled with nothing but the fragrance of the food around him.

He just continued eating as they walked along and Lance kept exclaiming excitedly. This was really heaven!

“I’ve suddenly discovered a new interest of mine,” said Lance with a smile. “There’s too much good food here!”

He had finally stumbled upon heaven.

“I’m going to eat everything in China within a year!” Lance laughed loudly.

He had no idea that three years later, he would still be in New Haven and wouldn’t even have covered half the city.

After having his fill, Lance sat on a bench along the street and rubbed his stomach in an uncouth manner. He didn’t care about looking refined anymore.

No aristocrats were walking around here anyway, and nobody cared about how he looked.

“You said that your company is developing integrated circuits?” Lance suddenly thought about what Diane said earlier.

“That’s right.” Diane passed him a bottle of water. “Have you heard of Palmer Group?”

Lance looked at Ethan and shook his head. “Isn’t his surname Hunt?”

As far as he could see, Ethan was very powerful, so the company ought to belong to him. Why was it Palmer Group and not Hunt Group?

“I work for him,” Diane laughed.

She glanced at Ethan and realized she never thought of it this way. Even though it was called Palmer Group, everyone in the company knew that Ethan was the real boss.

She was the CEO, but she was working for Ethan as well.

“That’s really incredible, it really is,” said Lance. “I didn’t think that the technology in China had reached this stage. This is even more advanced than any other country.”

He looked around and noticed that everyone just needed a phone to go places.

There was no need to carry any cards or documents. The phone could do everything!


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