Billionaire God of War Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822

“But the control of integrated circuits has always been in the hands of those giants in Silicon Valley. You might have trouble competing with them.”

Lance had attended the Technology Conference because the Toneys had invited him to have a look at the current situation.

He didn’t expect to run into assassins on board the cruise, and most certainly didn’t expect to land in a food paradise like New Haven.

“If you don’t try competing, how would you know?” Ethan glanced at Lance. “It’s just like yourself. If you don’t try to change, then how would you know that things can’t be changed?”

Lance pursed his lips and fell silent for a while.

“You are right, I really should try to change. But I don’t know where to start,” he sighed and smiled bitterly. “Nobody has ever thought of doing this.”

He didn’t know what he should do and where to start from, and he wasn’t sure how meaningful this was. Perhaps he did know how meaningful it was, but it wasn’t very meaningful to just one person.

And he knew that it would eventually become meaningful once he succeeded, but he might not be able to bear the price of succeeding.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He wasn’t going to force anybody to do anything.

Hurried footsteps came from afar and a few cars drove towards them.

Lance looked up and saw that some people from his family were here.

He got up, put on his dignified air again and dusted off his clothes.

“Mr Salo!”

Several men in suits immediately surrounded him and looked warily at Ethan and Diane.

“They are my friends, don’t be so rude,” said Lance.

“Yes, Mr Salo,” replied the bodyguards. They turned to Ethan and said, “Apologies for that, we hope both of you can forgive us.”

Ethan didn’t say anything while Diane nodded slightly.

“Mr Salo, something’s happened,” said the bodyguard without waiting for Lance to say anything. “Young Mistress has been captured and the family has sent people out to rescue her. The clan leader wants us to send you home safely right now!”

“What did you say?!” Lance’s face immediately paled. “What’s happened to my older sister?”

“She has been kidnapped by the Japanese Warriors!” The bodyguard’s expression was grim.

“These bastards!” Lance was furious. “How dare they!”

They had put his name on their hit list, and now they actually dared to abduct his sister. Were they declaring war?

“The clan has sent people over to negotiate with them, please do not worry, nothing will happen to Young Mistress.”

“Nonsense!” Lance bellowed. “Do you know how vicious those fellows are? I nearly died at their hands! This bunch of bastards actually dared to attack my sister?!”

He was furious even though he knew he had to remain calm.

He didn’t know why the Masamune Syndicate was taking such drastic actions. They had infiltrated the cruise, killed off so many members of the Third World and now they had kidnapped someone from his family. What were they trying to do?

Lance’s phone suddenly started ringing.

He frowned when he saw the number. Why was Jimmy calling him now?

“What do you want?” he snapped nastily as he picked up the call. He had nearly died on Jimmy’s cruise, so he wasn’t going to be polite to Jimmy.

“Mr Salo, Jimmy speaking. I’ve heard about how your sister has been kidnapped by the Masamune Syndicate,” said Jimmy over the phone. “It’s like this, I want to help the Salo family to go over to Japan to negotiate and bring her back. Please trust me and give me a chance!”


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