Billionaire God of War Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823

Jimmy wanted to go to Japan?

And help Lance to save his older sister?

Lance started laughing coldly when he heard this. “I don’t think that’s necessary. I nearly died on your cruise, and I’m still not sure if the Toneys have anything to do with these Japanese Warriors either, so please maintain your distance from me.”

With that, Lance hung up.

He didn’t trust Jimmy at all.

“I’m not going back.” He shook his head at his bodyguards. “I want to go to Japan and bring my sister back.”

“Mr Salo!”

“Enough! That’s decided!” said Lance sternly.

He was very anxious because nobody knew how important his sister was than he did.

It wasn’t only because she was his biological sister, but because of her identity as well as the things she had control over.

He couldn’t understand how the Masamune Syndicate could have found out where she was and kidnapped her. Her movements had always been top secret information in the family, and he didn’t always know where she was either.

Lance turned to look at Ethan and Diane and hesitated.

“Can you do me a favor?”

“No.” Ethan refused him flatly without thinking.

He knew what Lance wanted to say and didn’t give Lance the chance to even speak.

But Lance just walked past Ethan and stood in front of Diane instead.

“Could you help me?”

He knew Diane was kindhearted, and that’s why she saved him.

“I don’t think I can help you,” Diane smiled helplessly.

She wasn’t stupid and she could tell that Lance wanted Ethan to help. She wasn’t of any other use in this situation.

“I know that Palmer Group is trying to develop a new integrated circuit and you need technology in this aspect,” said Lance. “I also know that you have gathered world class experts, so there’s no issue in developing a new IC. But it will take you more than just a few years to catch up or surpass those companies in Silicon Valley.”

“I can help you.”

Diane looked at Lance and was still a little puzzled even after that last sentence.

Help her?


She turned to look at Ethan, but Ethan didn’t seem to care about what Lance just said.

“I can help Palmer Group to advance more quickly. I just need you to help me to rescue her.”

Lance looked at Ethan.

He knew Ethan was listening to him.

He also knew that Ethan had come close to him for this reason. He wasn’t dumb and could tell easily.

But Lance wasn’t bothered by that. There were simply too many people who tried to get close to him for the same reason.

Jimmy was pandering to him and trying to get close to him for the same reason, but this time, Lance didn’t have a choice.

He had only spent about two days with Ethan and Diane, but he could sense that Diane was truly a kindhearted person, and while Ethan seemed cold and stern on the outside, he wasn’t a bad person either.

Besides, Ethan was an incredible fighter!

With him around, nothing bad would happen.

“Please?” pleaded Lance.

Ethan and Diane exchanged glances. The bodyguard next to Lance frowned.

“Mr Salo, I don’t think this is a good idea.” The bodyguard didn’t think it was a good idea for anyone outside the family to be involved, since this involved the safety of Young Mistress. “The clan has already sent people to talk to the Masamune Syndicate already, so I believe that they…”

“It’s useless,” said Lance. “Don’t you know what sort of people are in the Masamune Syndicate?”

“If she works and they are willing to exchange her for some resources, then that’s fine. But these people are going to ask for the world!”


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