Billionaire God of War Chapter 1824

Chapter 1824

“In any case, the most important thing now is to ensure my sister’s safety. Rescue her first and we can talk about the rest later!”

Once the Salo family reached Japan, the Masamune Syndicate would definitely notice them. Even someone like Jimmy would attract unnecessary attention.

But Ethan was foreign to them and nobody would notice him.

And since Ethan was so highly skilled, he would definitely be able to rescue his sister once located.

Lance looked at Ethan and said very sincerely, “My sister is not the most important person to the clan, but she is extremely important to me. Please help me with this once?”

He didn’t talk about providing help to Palmer Group anymore, because that made this a business transaction or a partnership instead of a favor.

“Hubby, I heard that there are cherry blossoms to see in Japan during this time of the year. Do you want to go see the cherry blossoms?” Diane looked up at Ethan.

“If you want to see them, I’ll go with you,” replied Ethan.

Lance exhaled deeply.

“Thank you!” He looked at Diane. “You’re really an angel!”

Once Ethan agreed, he suddenly felt relieved. It was as if everything was going to be ok as long as Ethan agreed to go.

He didn’t waste any more time. He took down Diane and Ethan’s contact and left with his bodyguards.

He was going to head for Japan first and be in a separate party from Ethan so that nobody would notice Ethan.

After Lance left, Diane looked at Ethan.

“You were going to agree to help anyway, right?”

“Uh huh.” Ethan nodded.

“His elder sister is the real reason why we attended this conference,” he explained without hiding anything. “She is in control of certain technologies that are very important and Professor Babbage needs that.”

That was something that Charley had told him personally, so if Charley placed such great importance on it, this was definitely something very important.

“Let’s go, I’ll go with you to see the cherry blossoms.” Ethan smiled brightly. To him, it was a great chance to accompany Diane on a nice trip to take in the sights of the world at the same time, so he was killing two birds with one stone.

They were in no hurry. After Lance left, they remained in New Haven to enjoy this food paradise. If they didn’t have fun eating and drinking in this city, then it would be a waste of their plane ticket to this city.

Once they were quite done, these two finally strolled back to the airport to catch the next flight to Japan.


Back in Silicon Valley.

Jimmy Toney sat in his office with a nasty expression on his face.

Everything that happened on the cruise already had a huge negative impact on the Toneys. Many powerful factions took this chance to make trouble for his clan, and it placed a lot of pressure on him.

“More and more people are getting involved, and they even involved my family. These bastards at the Masamune Syndicate are really vicious!” shouted Jimmy angrily as he slammed the table.

“I don’t care about any of this,” scoffed Krishan. “I just want to know when I can get the manual.”

Jimmy glanced at Krishan and scoffed. “If that woman dies, then you can forget about getting the manual!”

He knew what significance Lance’s sister had.

“I don’t care about that. If I don’t get the manual, then you’re not going to live either,” said Krishan calmly. “If you want to live, then get the manual for you. I don’t care what method you use, I just want the manual.”

He looked back at Jimmy. He didn’t care whether Jimmy was afraid to die or not. At most it was just another one dead.

Jimmy looked at Krishan and he was so angry that he started trembling.

Things had come to this stage and it was already beyond anything he had anticipated. He didn’t know where things were going anymore.

“If you get that woman, you’ll get the manual!” He clenched his teeth and said sinisterly, “If you want the manual, get it yourself!”


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