Billionaire God of War Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825

Different countries were beautiful in a different way.

The scenery was different depending on the seasons and the weather, so it made one feel different too.

Ethan walked with Diane across the stone pavements and the feeling of doing that was indeed different.

“I didn’t even know that you knew how to speak Japanese.”

After they got out of the plane, Diane realized that Ethan seemed to be very familiar with this place. He seemed familiar with even their culture and language.

She didn’t need to ask for directions and most certainly didn’t need a tour guide.

“Well, back then, the Beggars’ Sect…”

“Don’t tell me there was a Japanese person in your Beggars’ Sect as well?” Diane rolled her eyes in annoyance. She still hadn’t seen this so-called Beggars’ Sect of his.

She didn’t know how many formidable people were hiding in this mysterious group.

There were doctors, lawyers, people in power and now they came from all over the world?

She had never heard of any group that could possibly remain so low key despite being so formidable.

“Of course. Beggars’ Sect spans across international borders, so we’ve got people from the east, the west, the south, and even from the North Pole.”

The North Pole?!

That was ridiculous. Was this man undermining her intelligence now?

“Sure, make sure you bring me to the southern hemisphere and to the North Pole to see these friends of yours,” remarked Diane on purpose.

“No problem.” Ethan smiled and scratched Diane’s nose gently. “They’ll definitely welcome you.”

He held Diane’s hand and continued strolling.

It was so rare for them to get time to date.


Lance was in a hotel room and his expression was nasty.

“What does that mean? I’m here to negotiate with them and they get to set the negotiation date?”

Of course he was furious.

The Masamune Syndicate had kidnapped a member of his family, but still dared to be so arrogant about it!

“The clan leader has already talked to the leader of the Masamune Syndicate over the phone and couldn’t reach an agreement. The Yamaguchi side is very aggressive.” The subordinate reporting to Lance also had a stern expression on his face. He didn’t expect things to become so difficult either. “We’re on their territory, Mr Salo, so we still have to be very cautious. Apparently there are issues within the syndicate, so nobody knows if anything might suddenly go wrong.”

This was the biggest unknown factor.

“Then what do they want?!” Lance slammed a fist onto the table.

“They didn’t say.” The subordinate was also having a headache. The Masamune Syndicate didn’t say anything and didn’t raise any terms either. They didn’t even confirm where and when the negotiation would be, but just held onto Lance’s sister.

Lance frowned.

The syndicate had some internal conflict but they weren’t letting his sister go either. He didn’t know what to do either.

Did he have to kill his way into the syndicate?

It was impossible to do that with this team of men with him.

Besides protecting himself, there was nothing he could do. He knew that there were definitely people from the Masamune Syndicate watching his every move right now. If he did anything, those people would know immediately.

“Continue to think of a way to talk to them!” ordered Lance.

He didn’t know what the Masamune Syndicate was up to. But now, he couldn’t get in nor see his sister. Even if he was worried, he had no choice but to just sit here and wait.

Lance was very frustrated and found it hard to sit still.

He went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He checked the place very carefully and made sure there were no cameras or recording devices inside.

He pulled out his phone and called Ethan.

The phone rang a few times before finally getting through, and all he got was a lazy sounding voice.

“Ethan, have you just woken up?” Lance’s eyes were wide.

He checked his watch and realized it was nearly noon time, for crying out loud.

He was so anxious and worried, but Ethan was sleeping very soundly.


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