Billionaire God of War Chapter 1828

Chapter 1828

“It’s been a few years. I thought you didn’t recognize your Papa anymore,” said Ethan calmly.

Diane nearly fainted.

She looked at Caleb, then at Ethan. He had a son of this age?!

He actually had a son without her knowledge?

“How could that be? Even if I fail to recognize my own mother, I will never forget my Papa.” Caleb quickly bowed before looking at Diane. “And this is…?”

“My name is Diane Palmer.”

She was afraid that Caleb might suddenly call her ‘Mama’, which would be simply too embarrassing.

“Hello, Miss Palmer.” Caleb smiled. He could tell how Diane was related to Ethan immediately. “I’m Caleb, please take care of me.”

“Why are you still standing there?” he yelled at the men behind him. “Hurry up and prepare some good wine and food! Now!”

He looked back at Ethan and Diane. “This way please!”

They nodded and followed Caleb into the inner section of the shrine.

This fellow really knew how to enjoy life. He had decorated his living space very elegantly.

“Oh, so that’s what happened,” Diane was enlightened after hearing Caleb’s explanation. “I nearly thought that he had a son of your age behind my back.”

“Haha!” Caleb burst out laughing. “I lost this bet fair and square, so I’m good with calling him Papa.”

The way he looked at Ethan was filled with respect, and he didn’t hide any of it.

“I’m not sure why Mr. Hunt is in Tokyo this time?”

The last time Ethan came, he made a huge commotion in Tokyo. It was as if an earthquake had hit the city, and even after Ethan left, very few people knew exactly what hit them.

Caleb didn’t think that Ethan was here just to bring a woman on holiday.

“I’m here to see you,” said Ethan. “I’m afraid that if I don’t come to see you for too long, you might be dead.”

“Thank you for your concern. You saved me the last time, so my days after that are already more than the days allocated to me,” sighed Caleb as he shook his head. “But I’ve been very troubled lately. Look at my hair! It’s all white!”

He figured that if this situation went on, the internal conflict within the syndicate would worsen and he would eventually have to choose a side. Regardless of which side he chose, a head on conflict was still going to be inevitable.

He really wasn’t sure if he would survive this.

Caleb looked at Ethan and didn’t think that Ethan was really here to see him either.

They were old friends and he owed Ethan his life, but there were simply too many people who owed Ethan their lives and favors…

“You’re here because of that woman from the Salo family, right?” Caleb poured Ethan a cup of sake. “Did I guess it right?”

It was clear that many visitors had arrived in Tokyo recently, especially people from those Third World powers.

Even though they had concealed their identities and snuck into Tokyo through a variety of channels, Caleb was in charge of this place after all, so nothing escaped his eye.

“Mr. Hunt, I’m afraid that I can’t help you in this matter,” Caleb went straight to the point. “If it was anything else, I’d even sacrifice my life for you. But this woman is very important to the Masamune Syndicate, and she’s a pawn in the fight between the two factions in the syndicate. I’m not even allowed to go near her.”

He didn’t hide anything from Ethan, and he wouldn’t have anyway.

He was a member of the Masamune Syndicate, but this was just a job to him.

It was worth far less than the gratitude he had towards Ethan.

“So, what if I insist on making life difficult for you?” Ethan picked up the sake and took a sip. “Are you going to help or not?”

Caleb froze and didn’t say anything.

He poured Ethan another cup and filled his own cup before raising it with both hands and saying respectfully, “You are really my Papa!”


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