Billionaire God of War Chapter 1829

Chapter 1829

Caleb drank the entire cup down in one mouthful. The alcohol made him feel like his throat was on fire.

Since Ethan had already said so, there was nothing else for him to say.

“I’ll try to think of something,” said Caleb. “But I really can’t guarantee you anything. I’m just a small fry within the syndicate, you know that.”

Of course Ethan knew.

Caleb wasn’t an ambitious man and just wanted to enjoy a comfortable life. That was very rare within the Masamune Syndicate.

Becoming the head of the main shrine in Tokyo was definitely the peak of his career.

Would he advance any further?

He had that chance. If he had made use of Ethan back then, he would have gone up the ranks long ago, but he knew that the higher one climbed, the colder the wind blew.

It was more important to be happy, and to be alive.

If one died, then no amount of power and wealth would mean anything.

Caleb stood up.

His face was a little red after downing a few cups of sake at one shot.

“You wait here for me, I’ll go to the headquarters to have a look.”

Caleb waved his hands and arranged for some people to take care of his guests. He sighed and glanced back at Ethan with a worried face, but Ethan ignored him.

He didn’t have any choice but to put his wooden clogs on and clop off.

“He doesn’t seem willing to,” whispered Diane.

“He’s a person who’s very afraid of trouble,” said Ethan as he took some food for Diane. “He’s that sort of donkey that only takes one step if you whip it. It’s alright, just get used to it.”

“Taste the food, these are all delicacies found in Tokyo, try them.”

He didn’t care about what Caleb was going to do and only wanted results. Caleb was a smart man and knew what he needed to do.

Of course Caleb knew Ethan’s temperament well. After so many years, he could forget anything about his own parents, but he never dared to forget Ethan’s temperament.

After leaving the shrine, he went straight for Masamune Syndicate’s headquarters in Tokyo.

He never liked coming here, and during the past few months, he wished he could go further away from it. But Ethan wanted him to gather information, so he had to come here.

He had just reached the entrance to the headquarters when the person guarding outside saw him and immediately called out respectfully, “Mr Caleb!”

Caleb ignored him and his clogs continued to clop away as he walked in.

The minute he walked in, the person at the gate passed on the information.

Caleb was here!

Caleb couldn’t be bothered as he continued walking in with his hands behind his back.

He was familiar with this place, and knew exactly where he would meet who.

“Mr Caleb!”

As he had expected, someone called out to him just as he reached the path beside the pavilion.

He frowned slightly and turned around to look.

“Ah, Mr Mario.”

“Mr Caleb, you’ve actually come to HQ.” Mario looked at Caleb with a face filled with surprise. “I tried looking for you at the shrine several times but your men said you weren’t in. What a rare visit!”

It was so hard to meet Caleb. He knew that Caleb was avoiding all of them on purpose.

“Mr Caleb, have you considered what I talked to you about the last time? I believe you know how sincere we are on our end.”

Caleb waved his hands a little impatiently. “Let me consider some more.”

He was too lazy to speak anymore and continued walking in with his hands behind his back.

But less than 100 meters later, someone else stopped him again, and after a few polite exchanges, the same question came again.

“Mr Caleb, standing on our side is the right choice. You still have a chance to choose now. If you wait till the dust settles before choosing, it’ll be too late.”

“Mr Caleb, this chance only comes once!”


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