Billionaire God of War Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830

“Did Mario talk to you just now? Humph, his side only knows how to lie to you and make use of you. But we’re not like them…”

At least five or six people seemed to have found out that he had come to HQ and stopped him along the way to ask him to join their team.

Caleb was so annoyed.

He was in charge of the biggest shrine under the Masamune Syndicate, so his position in the syndicate wasn’t very high, but it wasn’t low either. But the significance of the position was very different.

Whoever got Caleb’s support meant that they would also get the support of the Tokyo residents.

“Take a side, take a side, pfft! If they push me any further, I won’t take any side and I’ll just form my own team!” cursed Caleb as he scoffed and quickly walked on. He refused to stop regardless of who called after him.

Caleb didn’t intend to go too far into the headquarters. The people there gave him a bigger headache and he never wanted to see them ever again.

He went straight to look for the one in charge of the Black Jail.

The Black Jail was the place where the Masamune Syndicate used to imprison the people they captured. Regardless of their identity or their intention, all of them were thrown into this Black Jail.

But even though the name carried the word ‘jail’, this place wasn’t really like a jail. Different prisoners were treated differently. Someone like Lance’s sister was staying in a cell that was furnished more luxurious than a five star hotel.

“Mr Caleb.”

Caleb sat cross legged in the Black Jail’s main office with both hands on his knees and looked rather polite.

The middle aged man seated across him smiled. “You’re here to ask me about that woman?”

“That’s right, Mr Crane. I want to know how that woman is right now,” said Caleb directly.

When it came to someone who was a professional at interrogation like Marshall Crane, there was no point in beating around the bush. This man’s eyes seemed to be able to read minds, so it was impossible to hide anything from him.

“Why do you want to know?” Marshall Crane laughed and his narrow eyes looked like they could see right through Caleb. “Don’t you know that this woman is very important? In fact, you could say that she determines which direction the Masamune Syndicate goes in the future.”

“I wonder which direction Mr Caleb hopes the syndicate will go in?”

Marshall Crane was also asking him about which side he was on.

Caleb looked up at Marshall. “And what about you?”

He didn’t know which side Marshall Crane was on. Was he on their Chief’s side or on the Prince’s side?

“I’m on whichever side you choose,” replied Marshall.

Caleb’s pupils narrowed. “I was thinking of going down my own path.”

Marshall’s eyes immediately turned sinister, as if knives were coming out from them and were about to pierce through Caleb’s heart.

“Hahaha, Mr Caleb, you’re so funny.” Marshall retracted that sinister gaze. “You’re just as humorous as you used to be.”

“Alright now, I won’t ask this sort of question anymore. I’m sure you have an answer in your heart and you’ll announce it sooner or later, right?”

Caleb didn’t say anything.

Marshall’s gaze was terrifying earlier. He felt like he could feel murder in the air.

And he didn’t even try to hide it!

“That woman is inside the Black Jail and she’s doing well, so you don’t have to worry. She’s an important guest, so nobody will hurt her. She’s just not allowed to leave at the moment,” said Marshall calmly. “As for what happens to her in the future, that depends on who calls the shots at the end.”

Different people wanted to lead the syndicate in a different direction, so that woman was useful to them in different ways.

Sometimes, the use of a person, whether dead or alive, was completely different depending on the situation!


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