Billionaire God of War Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831

Marshall Crane didn’t state things very clearly, but what he was implying was clear.

Nobody knew what would eventually happen to Lance’s sister, and the final decision lay in the hands of the person who eventually took over the syndicate.

Their attitude towards the Salo family was different, and that would decide what each person would do in the end.

Caleb just smiled and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking about.

He looked at Marshall. “How interesting. A woman turns out to be so important.”

He nodded and got up.

“Ok, I got it, I won’t disturb you anymore.” Caleb got up and left without saying anymore.

Marshall’s gaze started to shift slightly as he watched Caleb walk away.

He knew what sort of person Caleb was. Caleb was afraid of trouble and didn’t want to be involved in this power struggle, and that’s why he refused to take a side.

But the position he was in was a position that was important to both the Chief and the Prince.

That was the closest the Masamune Syndicate could get to ordinary folk in the country, so neither would give up that position. Caleb didn’t want to choose now, but he would have to make a choice eventually.

Caleb left the headquarters and his expression was grim.

The situation was more complicated than he imagined. The Chief and the Prince were fighting for control of the syndicate, and were essentially trying to be in control of the syndicate’s future.

But what had that got to do with this woman from the Salo family?

Caleb really didn’t get it. Capturing her was as good as offending the Salos. They were a major Third World power!

Regardless of whether the Chief or the Prince got what they wanted at the end of this power struggle, offending the Salos wasn’t good news to them.

Caleb really didn’t understand what they were thinking about.

He returned to the shrine to see Ethan feeding Diane food. He sat down and couldn’t help but clutch his head.

“My friend, can’t you control yourself a little bit? You’re in a shrine, you know?” Caleb poured himself a glass of water and gulped it down. “Or at least be considerate towards someone without a lover like me?”

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with him.

“It’s very hard to get this sushi because this fellow has hidden the sushi chef away and you can’t get it anywhere else now.”

There was probably nobody else more into food in Tokyo than Caleb.

Caleb didn’t care about money, power or even women, and only cared about food. Ethan felt that even the Legend of Fairbanks was nothing in front of Caleb.

He didn’t know that once he thought about this, Jenny sneezed several times in a row all the way in Fairbanks, and started to curse the person who was speaking ill of her.

“I didn’t get to see her,” Caleb went back on topic. “She’s in the Masamune Syndicate’s Black Jail.”

“It’s a very high class sort of jail that’s nicer than a five star hotel.”

He was afraid that Diane didn’t know anything about this jail, so he added an explanation.

“The Chief and the Prince are both fighting for control over the syndicate and to decide on the syndicate’s future direction. This woman seems to be very important to them.”

He wasn’t too sure either.

He hardly went to the headquarters in the first place, and now that everyone was taking sides, nobody would share information with you if you weren’t on the same side. There was no point in even asking the people around him.

“Is the Prince finally going to take action?” Ethan put his cup down. “After waiting for so many years, he finally can’t hold it in anymore.”

Caleb froze and looked up at Ethan. “You know about this?”

“I knew about it eight years ago.”

Caleb was even more shocked. “And why didn’t I know anything?”

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with him.

What would Caleb know? He had been eating and drinking happily all day and practically hibernating within the Masamune Syndicate all these years, so of course he didn’t know anything.


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