Billionaire God of War Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832

“So how’s the situation over there? Will Lance’s sister be in any danger?” asked Diane worriedly.

When she saw how Lance was so worried back then, she knew that this matter wasn’t simple. Lance didn’t even place any hopes in his own clan.

“She’s probably going to die,” said Ethan calmly. “Regardless of whether the final person in power is the Chief or the Prince, they probably share the same eventual aim.”

Caleb asked, “Are you serious? They both want her dead? But why?”

He was an important member of the syndicate but he had to ask Ethan about the organization he was part of. It did seem a little ridiculous.

But Caleb never cared about any of this. To him, Ethan was like a god, so it was normal that he knew everything.

“That’s because they want to offer a sacrifice,” said Ethan.

Caleb’s face paled and his hand started trembling. There was a look of surprise in his eyes as well.

Offer a sacrifice?

He hadn’t heard this term in years. He had always felt that this was a stupid and meaningless thing to do.

But now Ethan was saying that both the Chief and the Prince would eventually offer that woman as a sacrifice?

They wanted to offer someone from the Salos as a sacrifice? Were they crazy?

“This won’t do, I’m going to stop them!”

Did they want the Masamune Syndicate to be completely destroyed?

The Salos were a major Third World power and were not to be trifled with. If that woman really died, then a war would break out. Nobody knew how many people would die when that happened.

Even though Caleb never really cared about what direction the syndicate took, he couldn’t stand the idea of implicating so many innocent parties.

“But what if someone within the Salos is pushing for this as well?” This question from Ethan puzzled Caleb even more.

Someone within the Salo family wanted to kill their own family member?

Ethan’s expression remained calm. He could sense this from what Lance had said.

His sister’s whereabouts had always been top secret information, and sometimes he didn’t know where she was either. So how could someone from the Masamune Syndicate find out where she was and send Japanese Warriors to capture her?

Nobody would rule out a traitor in the Salo family.

In fact, all those murders on the cruise and even writing Lance’s name on the hit list was just a cover for what they were really doing. They were actually all aiming for Lance’s sister, Lana Salo!

This was a fight between two Third World powers, and Ethan didn’t want to be part of it.

He wasn’t so free as to waste so much time and effort on their own feud. What he wanted was for Palmer Group to become part of the Third World and gain a stable foothold. That’s all.

Ethan wasn’t too bothered if he made trouble for himself, but if trouble came for Palmer Group and Diane, then that was a problem.

“I can’t believe things are so complicated. What are they trying to do?” Caleb slammed a fist into the table. “It’s fine if they want to die by themselves, but why did they have to drag so many other people down with them? These selfish assholes! They’re really too selfish!”

A fight between two Third World powers was no small matter and it could result in a huge war that lasts several years or even several decades. This wouldn’t be the first time this was happening.

Caleb looked at Ethan and his expression started to change slightly.

He was a Buddhist and was worried just thinking about the possibilities.

“I must find a way to stop them.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t want to see blood flow like a river anymore.”

He had already seen such a thing happen before once, and it was also a fight for power. But in the end, the ones who died were all innocent parties, while those who won hadn’t lost anything.

They hadn’t lost anything and didn’t pay any price. The pitiful ones were those ants at the lowest rung. They had become sacrifices in the war.

Back then, Caleb had been one of those ants that had nearly become a sacrifice too!


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