Billionaire God of War Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833

Caleb knew how a fight between two huge factions of power would end.

His expression was extremely grim and he was still fearful when he thought about what happened back then.

If he hadn’t met Ethan, he would be dead by now.

Only those who had gone through near death experiences would especially cherish their lives.

Caleb knew that besides dying, everything else was a small matter.

Staying alive was more important than anything else.

So over the past few years, he had gone to experience life in many different ways. He was especially interested in food, so he had gone to many places just to enjoy this simple pleasure of life.

But it seemed like these wonderful days were coming to an end soon.

“Stop them?” Ethan’s chopsticks were still holding food midair when he heard this. “And how are you going to stop them?”

Caleb’s position wasn’t really high and wasn’t low either, but it was rather special. As for the men working under him…

Ethan looked at the staff of the shrine and knew that these men could be crushed by just one finger of his. Before Caleb got to the headquarters, they would all be slaughtered already.

“Talk them round?”

Caleb froze for a while. It seemed like that was the only idea he could come up with.

But after he heard what his own mouth uttered, he felt like slapping himself.

If being reasonable and setting a good example worked, then there would be world peace by now.

There was no point in talking them round. Once he chose a side, then he would become the other party’s enemy and he would have to die eventually.

If he didn’t choose either side, he might continue living well. But he would have to choose a side sooner or later.

Ethan ignored what Caleb said. He knew that Caleb had stopped killing several years ago and didn’t want to be involved in any of this now.

He wanted to rebel?

That meant that Caleb would have to be extremely determined.

“Try this. It’s a little sour, but very appetizing.” He put more food in Diane’s bowl and described its characteristics as if Caleb wasn’t around. “If you add a little lemon juice to it, the texture would become even better.”

“Like this?” Diane followed the way Ethan did it. She picked up a slice of lemon and squeezed it hard.

After Ethan nodded, she used her chopsticks to carefully put a piece into her mouth and bit down on it. Her eyes immediately lit up.

“Ooh!” She suddenly started chewing it more quickly.

“It’s really delicious!”

“Ok, you’ve got to try this one next. Wait until the taste in your mouth fades first, then it won’t affect the taste of this one,” continued Ethan as he took another plate of food.

Caleb looked at Ethan and Diane act all intimately in front of him and he pursed his lips hard. He couldn’t help but look at the katana hanging on the wall.

He was on the verge of committing seppuku at this rate.

“Guys, do you know what the situation is right now? I’m already on the verge of committing seppuku and you two can’t even look at me?” Caleb really wanted to cry. “Please help! Once everything is settled, you can eat whatever you want.”

“You can eat anything you want as long as you’re here!” He placed both hands on his knees and bowed low. “Please!”

Ethan put his chopsticks down. “You have two roads to choose from.”

“One is to take a side and hope that you’ve chosen the right person. The second option is to strike out on your own and take over Masamune Syndicate. Then you can do whatever you want.”

Caleb bowed his head even lower and rested it on the table.

“The third option is for me to just commit seppuku.”

He didn’t want either of the two options Ethan presented.

He just wanted to quietly be the pretty boy he was, to eat well, sleep well, have a little bit of power so that he didn’t have to butter up to anybody and nobody had to butter up to him.

“I’ve laid out your options, you take your pick.”

Ethan really didn’t care anymore. He picked up his chopsticks again and started feeding Diane as she started feeding him too.


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