Billionaire God of War Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834

Caleb felt that the scene in front of him was even worse than the matter at hand.

He got up and walked to the door. He looked out at the vast space in front of him, but his heart was still stuffy and he didn’t know how to choose.

Should he take a side?

Whose side should he take?

Should he choose the Chief, or the currently more aggressive Prince?


At the Prince’s residence.

As part of the royal family, the Prince’s standing in the palace was high.

He wasn’t just of high standing within the royal family, but was also one of the founders of the Masamune Syndicate. The syndicate had gotten this far today because of the sheer amount of contribution he had made.

The Prince took his seat and had an arrogant look on his face. Several Warriors protected him from all sides and didn’t allow anyone to come close.

He looked down at the person seated in the lower area and calmly scoffed.

“Are the Toneys here to seek justice from me?” The Prince didn’t bother being polite.

His men had infiltrated Jimmy’s cruise and killed several people on board. Now that someone from the Toneys was here, they were obviously here to make trouble for him.

“Your Highness, don’t put it like that.” Jimmy sat there and laughed as he replied respectfully, “Those who died were a bunch of people who deserved to. The Toneys didn’t lose anybody, so we don’t have any feud with you.”

He looked at the Prince and nodded slightly. “My father has sent me here to see if there’s a chance for the Toneys to work together with you, so that we can help each other.”

The smile on Jimmy’s face was filled with respect and sincerity, and didn’t look fake at all.

Even the best actor in the world might not be able to achieve this.

“Work together?” The Prince turned to glance at him. “And what do you have to offer?”

Jimmy smiled and didn’t say anything. He just glanced at Krishan next to him.

What did he have?

He had Krishan!

With this terrifying highly skilled fighter, he didn’t need anything else.

“I want you to work with us and hand over the woman from the Salo family.” Krishan went straight to the point and didn’t bother with any niceties. He never cared for such things.

“What did you say?” The prince’s voice turned cold and murderous. Nobody had ever dared to speak to him like this!

The Warriors around him also had icy stares in their eyes as they glared at Krishan.

Their eyes had remained on Krishan ever since he stepped into this room and had never left Krishan.

“I said, if you hand that woman over, I could spare your life!” Krishan narrowed his eyes and the murderous air emanating from his body intensified as well. The iciness in his eyes could practically freeze the air around them.

“How dare you!” the Prince roared angrily and slammed a palm on the table. In an instant, a man appeared behind Krishan like a ghost, and a knife appeared out of nowhere and was placed on Krishan’s throat!

Blood flew everywhere.

But the one who died was the man behind Krishan. The knife was stabbed right into his own heart and he fell backwards with a thud.

Krishan remained seated in his chair as he dusted his hands off and the murderous air around him became heavier.

“The Japanese Warriors are a bunch of lowly fighters and you dare to make an attempt on my life?”

Just as he said that, several more men appeared suddenly and icy cold katana blades came towards him from all directions.

Krishan didn’t even move. Just as those men were approaching him, he raised an arm and white powder was scattered on them. The men immediately started howling once they were covered in the white powder.


“My eyes! My eyes!”

“Help! Help!”

In an instant, all their eyeballs had been corroded by the white powder, and after some howls, they all fell dead on the floor.

The Prince’s face paled and the Warriors around him immediately drew their swords and got ready to fight.


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