Billionaire God of War Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835

Krishan remained in his chair as he looked up at the Prince.

Those Japanese Warriors were not poorly skilled and were actually at grandmaster level, but that was no match for Krishan.

“I won’t repeat my words. You make a choice,” said Krishan calmly. “Follow what I said and everyone will be fine. Otherwise, you’ll end up like them.”

He pointed at the men with corroded faces lying dead on the floor.

The Prince’s pupils constricted, but there wasn’t much change in his expression.

He had gone through a lot in life and he had seen such things happen before.

“Who are you?” He looked at Krishan and didn’t think the Toneys had such a terrifying fighter working for them.

“I’m an elder of the Drake clan, one of the eight reclusive clans of China!” replied Krishan proudly.

Even though the Drake clan was now under Evan’s control, his identity as an elder of the Drake clan would never change.

Even if Evan saw him and wanted to kill him, he still had to respectfully greet him as Second Elder!

The expression on the Prince’s face changed when he heard this.

He had heard of the reclusive clans of Minstrel Mount in China. But he didn’t expect these fighters who had removed themselves from the world would be involved in the fights between Third World powers.

“I’m really surprised. Someone from a reclusive clan is part of this now.”

The Prince’s tone of voice had a tinge of sarcasm as well.

These reclusive clans were supposed to be removed from the world and didn’t care for material things like wealth and status anymore. They were supposed to be after higher things and went after intangible goals. They weren’t supposed to be like Krishan.

“Your men can’t handle me at all.” Krishan went straight to the point, “Are you agreeable or not?”

The Prince frowned and glanced at his bodyguard. The Warrior shook his head to mean that they couldn’t deal with Krishan right now.

Before they were fully aware of Krishan’s capabilities, they weren’t confident of fighting him.

“Am I able to say no?” The Prince smiled coldly. “You’ve already placed a knife against my throat.”

“Oh forget it. It’s just giving you a portion of the spoils, so that’s no big deal.”

He looked at Jimmy who had remained silent all this while and looked like he was gloating over the Prince’s misfortune.

“It’s not like it’s the Toneys’ first attempt to become one of the top powers of the Third World.”

“Your Highness is right in saying that. The Toneys will not miss this chance, and with Mr Drake helping us, we definitely can’t miss the chance,” said Jimmy with a smile. “So we’re considered partners now?”

The Prince nodded.

He could only nod right now.

“That woman…”

“She’s in the Masamune Syndicate Black Jail now,” said the Prince. “But I can’t get to her myself either.”

Jimmy frowned and so did Krishan. They both felt that the Prince was joking with them.

“The Chief of the Masamune Syndicate and I both want to offer this woman as a sacrifice, but we’ve had disagreements on certain issues and we can’t convince the other party. But for the time being, he’s the chief of the syndicate, so he’s the one in control.”

The Prince narrowed his eyes and looked at Krishan. “If you want this woman, then it’s a mistake to look for me. You have to look for him.”

Jimmy and Krishan exchanged glances. They knew that what the Prince was saying wasn’t true.

But it wasn’t a lie either.

“The headquarters of the Masamune Syndicate is very heavily guarded, and it’s not just guarded by a bunch of Japanese Warriors. So even though you’re very highly skilled, I don’t think you stand a chance.”

Masamune Syndicate was a major Third World power, so how could it be easy for someone to infiltrate their headquarters and take someone away?

It was impossible just thinking about it.

Of course Krishan understood that. He nearly got caught back when he was going through Carter’s estate back then.


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