Billionaire God of War Chapter 1836

Chapter 1836

The world was now filled with high tech gadgets and devices, so there were many things Krishan had never seen before, and the threat of guns and other such weapons was still very real to him.

“But…” The Prince laughed when he saw that both of them weren’t saying anything. “I can think of a way to send both of you in.”

He couldn’t get the woman out, but it was possible to send Krishan in and leave him to his own devices.

After all, even if Krishan perished there, it would have nothing to do with him. It just showed that Krishan wasn’t capable enough.

He looked at Krishan and said calmly, “I’m just not sure if you dare to do this or not.”

Krishan knew that he was just a tool to people like the Prince, even though his martial arts level was extremely high.

The Prince just wanted to make use of him now.

Everyone was just trying to make use of each other to see whose value was higher.

“As long as I can go in, then that woman is mine,” Krishan scoffed.

“Deal!” The Prince stood up. “I hope that we can have a pleasant time working together, and we’ll all get what we want at the end.”

He looked at Jimmy and Krishan, and it was impossible to tell what the look in his deep eyes meant.

Working together was really just making use of each other. They would only work with the person who could offer them the most benefit and could get the work done. As for whether they could reach a win-win situation, that was something that was considered right at the end.

The Prince watched as Jimmy and Krishan left the room.

“Your Highness, this fellow is very powerful and hard to control,” said the Warrior next to him. “He is at least at advanced grandmaster level, so it’s not easy to kill him.”

They could defend themselves against such a highly skilled fighter, but it was too difficult to kill him.

And once such a highly skilled fighter escaped, they would continue to live in a nightmare after that.

“It doesn’t matter, we’re all just taking what we need. They’ll consider carefully whether there’s any significance in killing me or not,” said the Prince flatly. “But we can start on other things. It’s not a bad thing for them to become our weapon.”

Back at the Masamune Syndicate shrine in Tokyo.

Caleb looked up at the sky and his tilted profile looked rather depressed.

He really didn’t want to watch Ethan and Diane act all mushy with one another anymore.

It was so unbearable.


All of a sudden, the main door of the shrine was pushed open and several staff fell to the floor.

“You can’t go in! Mr Caleb has guests!”

“Move aside!” The intruder pushed the staff aside and couldn’t be bothered with them. “You can’t bear the consequences of delaying the Prince’s matters!”

He scoffed and sauntered in aggressively.

“The Seventh Guard of the Prince greets Mr Caleb!”

The Seventh Guard walked over to Caleb at the entrance and bowed.

Caleb frowned and was a little unhappy.

How could this man simply barge into his private quarters like this?

Was the Prince going to be so aggressive now? He wasn’t giving Caleb much of a choice like that.

“Why are you here?” snapped Caleb nastily. “Is my shrine a place where you can barge in anytime you like?

“Mr Caleb,” the Seventh Guard wasn’t afraid and glanced at Caleb. Caleb noticed that tinge of disdain on his face. “I have orders from the Prince to invite you back to his place of residence.”

“I’m not free.” Caleb didn’t hesitate at all.

What sort of invitation was this?

“It’s not about whether you’re free or not, Mr Caleb.” After the Seventh Guard said this, the men with him immediately surrounded Caleb.

“The Prince wants to see you, so you have to make time for him, regardless of whether you’re free or not.”

Caleb’s expression immediately turned nasty and he was furious. This wasn’t an invitation at all.

This was a threat.

“He’s not free,” came a voice from behind Caleb. Ethan walked out slowly and said calmly, “He has to entertain me, so all of you, get lost.”


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