Billionaire God of War Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839

This was the Prince’s plan in the first place.

If Caleb understood the situation and took the Prince’s side, then all of them could live together happily.

But if Caleb decided to be stupid, then he couldn’t blame the Prince for being heartless.

“Dark Shadows, this mission is yours,” said the Prince with narrowed eyes.

He was going to take control of the main shrine.

That was the only means by which ordinary citizens heard anything from the Masamune Syndicate and understood anything about the syndicate. It was the only point of contact that the syndicate had with the people.

If he wanted his name to be known and to increase public support for himself, then this was a very important place to him.

But Caleb didn’t seem to know what was good for him.

The Prince already decided that since Caleb didn’t know better, then he shall die and be replaced!

Even if he had to fight the Chief over this, the Prince didn’t care.

Jimmy and Krishan were now part of this attack, so he had received help from nowhere.

They were no threat. Even a highly skilled fighter like Krishan could forget about fighting a big shot like himself. Everyone was just making use of each other to get what they wanted. If Krishan dared to attack him, then the number of people the Prince was going to send after him would definitely kill Krishan!

At the same time.

At the entrance to the Masamune Syndicate’s headquarters.

Caleb brought Ethan along and glanced at the man at the gate.

“I want to see the Chief.”

“I’ll let him know immediately.”

Caleb put his hands behind his back and looked up with an unhappy face.

Since the Prince sent men to his shrine to force him to be on his side, then this news must have reached the Chief. He now wanted the Prince to think that he was on the Chief’s side.

Nobody would have expected that a sedentary fellow like Caleb would actually want to strike out on his own.

Everyone thought that he was here to choose the Chief’s team.

“Actually, I really don’t want to be the boss,” Caleb grumbled to Ethan and sounded like he was very torn. “But sometimes I really have no choice, and I’m forced into this!”

Ethan rolled his eyes.

Even if others didn’t understand Caleb, Ethan did, so he just didn’t say anything.

This fellow was like Winston. The things they said could be complete opposites of what they felt inside, and it was difficult for most people to grasp.

“The Chief invites you to go in!” The guard came running back in no time. “Mr Caleb, the Chief only allows you to go in by yourself. This gentleman here…”

He looked at Ethan.

“It’s alright, I’ll let him wait over there,” Caleb pointed at one section of the wall outside the entrance. Ethan didn’t say anything and stood round the corner of the wall, and could be seen easily from afar.

Caleb walked into the headquarters and disappeared into the distance.

The guard at the entrance would look in Ethan’s direction from time to time. He could see the corner of Ethan’s clothes peeking out from around the corner, so after checking several times, he stopped bothering.

Ethan stood there and calculated the time. Soon, he removed his outer coat and hung it on the wall, while he snuck into the headquarters like a little cat.

His hand grabbed the wall lightly and flew over it with no effort. It just took a small leap and a flip before he entered the headquarters.

Caleb was the one who chose this particular position. It was a blind corner of the closed circuit cameras, so it was difficult to catch anyone hiding here.

If Caleb hadn’t made plans long ago, he wouldn’t have known about this spot.

This fellow had been hiding his intentions for a long time.

Ethan moved as quickly as lightning and disappeared in no time.

The headquarters were more heavily guarded on the inside. There were drones in place as well as several Japanese Warriors hiding in hidden corners to keep an eye on every corner of the place.

Right now, a figure was plastered on top of a pavilion like a lizard. Only his eyes would scan the people below and watch everything that was happening.


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