Billionaire God of War Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840

A small pebble flew and landed just below the man on the pavilion, making a crisp sound.

The Warrior on the pavilion glanced over, but ignored it when he saw that it was just a pebble.

Another pebble flew over and knocked into the first one, creating another crisp sound.

The Warrior’s expression changed slightly as he turned to look at where the pebble had come flying from.

Nobody was there.

Nobody dared to make trouble within the headquarters. He had been on guard in this place for three years now, and he had to go through this same dry and boring job every single day.

So when he saw these pebbles, he became interested instead. He glanced over to see which kid was so bored.

Another one was thrown along and the Warrior turned again. But he didn’t find anyone and he couldn’t tell where the pebbles were coming from either.

In just a few moments, at least seven or eight pebbles were on the ground below him.

The Warrior frowned, flipped and landed gently on the pebbles before turning to look again.

There was still nobody there!

“Huh?” He had a puzzled look that slowly became grim. His fingers immediately gripped his katana and his gaze was fierce now.

He was ready to fight anytime now!

But a hand appeared from behind him and suddenly came down on his neck. He didn’t even know who it was and just fainted as he rolled his eyes.

“These Warriors are still as stupid as before.” Ethan looked at the unconscious man on the ground. He had done this so many times and it always worked because these guards were so bored doing their job after so many years of doing the same thing.

They were so bored that even some pebbles would distract them, and by the time they noticed anything amiss, he was already very close to them.

He stripped the Warrior of his clothes and changed into them, then flung the Warrior back onto the pavilion before heading for the Black Jail.

As the person in charge of the Black Jail, Marshall knew how important that woman in the depths of the Black Jail was.

She was going to be the Masamune Syndicate’s hold over the Salo family at the negotiation table, and she was a chance for the Masamune Syndicate to reach greater heights in the future.

As a result, he insisted on keeping watch over the jail personally and hadn’t gone home in a long time now.

“Mr Marshall, there’s a letter from home,” a subordinate came running in with a letter in hand and was extremely polite towards Marshall.

Marshall hadn’t gone home in a long time, so his family would send letters to update him on the things happening at home.

He sat cross legged and took the letter as he frowned. It wasn’t time for a letter to come yet, so why was one here now?

He was a very sensitive and suspicious sort of character. Since a letter was here for him, he immediately tore it open to look.

“Master, while you were not at home, Madam had a secret meeting with another man…”

Marshall immediately jumped up at the first sentence.

“What audacity!”

There was very little written in the letter and it seemed to be written in a hurry. A member of the family was probably afraid that someone might discover him and wrote this in a panic.

His wife had a secret meeting with another man? And it was with someone on the Prince’s side?

Marshall’s face instantly reddened and his expression was livid.

He was out here putting his life on the line while his wife betrayed him like this?

“Where’s the one who sent this letter here?” roared Marshall angrily as he exuded nothing but murder from his face. “Where is he?”

“He came and left very quickly, and seemed rather anxious. He said someone was running after him, and ran off.”

Marshall was even sure of this now.

“I’m going home!”

He slammed the table and didn’t care anymore. Once he thought about how his own wife was being intimate with someone else, he felt like his lungs were about to burst!


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