Billionaire God of War Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841

“Mr Marshall!” His subordinate quickly called after him when he saw that Marshall was leaving. “Aren’t you going to watch over the Black Jail anymore?”

“Who cares!” yelled Marshall back angrily. Trouble was brewing at home, so he was in no mood to guard this place.

He didn’t care anymore.

Besides, this was within the Masamune Syndicate’s headquarters and there were plenty of people keeping watch here. Even if he didn’t stay here, nothing would happen.

Marshall ran off with some men and didn’t stay even a second longer.

He was afraid that if he took too long, he wouldn’t be able to catch them in the act.

Just after Marshall left, that subordinate looked up. It was Ethan!

He scoffed lightly. The Japanese were still very affected by such things and refused to tolerate infidelity.

The bigger problem was that this sort of thing happened to these people very easily, especially these Warriors who were seldom home.

Ethan didn’t waste any time and walked towards the Black Jail.

“State your business!” Someone blocked him at the entrance.

“I’m bringing food in.” Ethan had a plate of food in his hands and someone immediately inspected the food. After they found that there was nothing wrong with it, they let him through.

The Black Jail was an important part of the Masamune Syndicate, so anyone who made it this far must have gone through a long series of checks.

The first major check was where Marshall was, so everyone else after that didn’t really pay close attention.

Ethan walked in and looked around.

The Black Jail was split into two sections. One section was made up of real jail cells, and these were for people that the syndicate wanted to punish, so the conditions were very cruel.

The other section was for placing people under house arrest, so their living conditions were even better than five star hotels. There was plenty of food, drinks and other facilities, so there was nothing bad about the place except that it was cut off from the rest of the world.

Ethan walked to the end of the Black Jail and all the lights were on. There was even music wafting out from inside.

There was only one room on this side, and the person inside was one of utmost importance.

“Open the door.” Ethan didn’t ask about the room and just ordered the guards at the door to open the door with a calm voice, as if this was something he did all the time.

The two guards didn’t say anything and just opened the door to let Ethan in.

Ethan knocked the door gently. “Some snacks for you.”

The room door opened and a beautiful lady appeared before Ethan. Her face was calm and she looked like she was already used to this life.

Lana Salo wasn’t afraid after being locked up here. She knew what the Masamune Syndicate wanted with her, but they dared not do anything yet.

She had to wait for the response from her own clan to know her fate.

“I did not ask for any snacks,” she said directly to Ethan.

She was imprisoned here, but the syndicate met any of her demands except communication to the outside world.

“Someone sent them to you,” said Ethan. “Someone named Lance Salo.”

Lana’s eyes immediately narrowed as she looked warily at Ethan.

“Who are you?”

“Someone has asked me to confirm if you’re still alive,” replied Ethan. “You don’t have to ask too much, this is just a transaction.”

“Can you get me out of here?” Lana asked without hesitation.

She knew that this person must have been hired by Lance to save her.

“I can’t do that today.” Ethan shook his head. The security outside was tight and while he could leave the place easily, it would be difficult for him to ensure the safety of a woman who couldn’t fight at all. “Wait for them to bring you out themselves.”

His aim today was just to confirm where Lana was and whether she was still alive.

There was no way he could just bring her away right now.

Ethan wasn’t that stupid.

He was very formidable, but if he was surrounded by thousands of men and was faced with firearms or even a bomb, then would he have to sacrifice his life to save her?

Besides Diane, nobody else in the world was worth that much effort from him.

“You…” Lana became a little angry as she looked at Ethan’s perfectly calm eyes. “You must be kidding!”

Wait for them to bring her out themselves?


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