Billionaire God of War Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845

Caleb was very angry.

He couldn’t stand having others climb all over him and bullying him.

Most of the time, he would just take a step back and pretend that nothing happened, since living harmoniously and peaceably was the most important thing to him.

But Ethan was with him now!

If he was still scared and compromised with this killing machine next to him, then he wouldn’t just embarrass himself, but also embarrass Ethan.

“I can’t stand it anymore.” He looked at Ethan. “You’re with me but he actually dared to send men to kill me. That’s looking down on you!”

“He can kill me, but he can’t look down on you!” yelled Caleb angrily with clenched fists.

They returned to the shrine and his men greeted him, but Caleb ignored them.

“MEN!” he bellowed. “All of you, come out now!”

More than ten men came rushing out with stern expressions on their faces. They had never seen Caleb so angry before.

“Mr Caleb!”

“Listen up, all of you,” said Caleb loudly. “Go to the best hotels of Tokyo and get their best chefs here. Each one of them has to cook their best dish!”

Everyone was stunned.

Caleb had come back with such a grim expression and called them together, but it wasn’t to fight?

“Why are all of you still standing there?!” Caleb waved his hands. “Go now! I want to see a table filled with good food tonight!”

“Yes, Mr Caleb!”

All the men quickly set off.

Caleb took a deep breath and turned to Ethan. He couldn’t hide the excitement and anticipation in his eyes at all.

“They’re here?”

Ethan nodded.

Brother Geoff and the wolves walked in from the side door.

They had just arrived from the warzone in the Middle East, Caleb could already feel difficulty in his breathing from afar when he felt the murderous aura emanating from their bodies.

That intense and bloodied aura made him feel like he had just climbed out from a pile of dead bodies and it was suffocating.

The look in their eyes told Caleb that these people had really come back from killing others in a war, so they were no ordinary people.

When did Ethan have such men working for him? They were simply terrifying.

“Big Boss!” the wolves greeted him in unison.

Ethan nodded.

“How’s the situation over there?”

“Everything is good. We’ve successfully created a forbidden territory over there!” replied Brother Geoff. “Winston is still there, he can guard them all by himself!”

He was hiding in the dark and went everywhere without even leaving a trace. Who would dare to make trouble for the Merlyn family army?

That would be courting death!

Their heads would get blown up before they even got near.

Ethan looked at all of them. After a month of training in the warzone, the wolves had all matured.

Being in the line of fire made one improve the fastest because it put one on the brink of dying every day. If one wasn’t careful, one might lose his life, and this sort of mental state brought out the highest potential in people.

Ethan could have thrown them into a war early on and used real life battles to train them, but he didn’t.

That was because he didn’t want to see anyone sacrifice their life.

Even though he knew that this road definitely led to death, regardless of who it was, including himself, giving them the confidence of being able to survive was great.

The wolves stood up straight like soldiers waiting for inspection. They wanted to present their best side to Ethan.

“Very good.”

That was all Ethan said.

But those two words were good enough!

The wolves felt their bodies tremble slightly in gratitude. They were glad that they hadn’t disappointed Ethan’s trust in them.

“Yes, Big Boss!” shouted the wolves in unison.

Ethan turned to Caleb. “Now, I’ll leave these guys with you.”

It was Caleb’s turn to become excited. His throat was dry and he could barely get any words out.

Caleb himself had fighters whom he had trained secretly just in case of emergencies. He even thought of showing them to Ethan so that Ethan might compliment them.

But after looking at the wolves, he suddenly wanted to send all his fighters home!

There was no way his fighters could compare to these men!


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