Billionaire God of War Chapter 1846

Chapter 1846

Regardless of manner, aggression or the terrifying murderous aura these men had, Caleb’s men were miles away from the wolves.

“My brothers!” Caleb said excitedly. “We’re all family! We’re all brothers! I’ve already arranged for a good dinner to welcome all of you!”

“But before that, I need to sincerely ask all of you for help. Your brother here has been bullied!” Caleb beat his chest and looked so miserable.

“This is a small matter, so we can’t let the Big Boss handle it, because that would be so embarrassing. But as long as my brothers are willing to support me, then I will not be afraid of anything!” The way he shouted really sounded like one of those motivational speakers.

Caleb was an expert at shouting words that could really brainwash people, and could easily control others’ emotions.

But now, he was feeling really awkward.

The wolves remained expressionless and stood there as if they were a bunch of statues.

Caleb laughed twice and pumped his fist into the air in hope of getting the crowd going, but these men refused to move.

“Just go and have fun,” said Ethan as he pointed to Caleb. “He’ll lead the way.”

“Yes, Big Boss!” replied the wolves in unison.

Caleb shook. So they were all just waiting for Ethan to give the command!

Without the go ahead from Ethan, they were all going to ignore him.

After Ethan gave the command, Brother Geoff turned to look at Caleb and so did the rest of the wolves. Caleb started feeling very warm from the stares and felt like he was getting cooked.

“Who bullied you?” asked Brother Geoff.

“A tiny old man!” replied Caleb immediately.

“Bring us there!”

“Let’s go!” Caleb jumped up as he pulled up his pants and ran out in his clogs.

So what if that tiny old man was the Prince?

Since he dared to attack Caleb, Caleb dared to overthrow him!

“Are we blowing things up?” asked Diane from behind.

She could sense that the aura around the wolves had completely changed, and she could hardly believe it herself.

What did they have to go through in order to change so much?

She knew that the wolves had worked very hard for the sake of Palmer Group and Greencliff. They had practically put their lives into it.

“The bigger this matter becomes, the better,” replied Ethan calmly.

At the Prince’s residence.

It was night time and all the lights were on.

After Jimmy came with Krishan, the Prince increased the level of security of his residence. Even though they were supposed to be working together, he didn’t think someone like Krishan was trustworthy at all.

He had to be careful.

“We’ve failed. We didn’t expect a highly skilled fighter to be with Caleb.”

It was impossible to hide this news from the Prince. Caleb had gone to pay the Chief a visit and had spent quite a bit of time in the Chief’s study.

The Prince found out about Caleb’s visit while he was still inside, so he sent his men to assassinate him.

Since he couldn’t get Caleb, then he had to destroy him to save him any trouble in the future.

“You useless things! So many of you couldn’t kill one Caleb? You deserve to die!” spat the Prince. “Caleb must die!”

“Since I cannot use him, then we must kill him and make his shrine a wasteland!”

He couldn’t allow Caleb to continue working for the Chief. His original intention was to control all of the Masamune Syndicate, so how could he allow Caleb to work for the enemy?

Besides, Krishan would definitely make a move, so once the Chief was dead, the Masamune Syndicate needed a leader. And who else would it be other than the Prince?

There were five or six Warriors in black kneeling before the Prince and they were all emanating a terrifying and murderous aura.

These were the best that the Prince had, and they were even more formidable than the Dark Shadow Warriors.

“Find Caleb and kill him!” shouted the Prince.

“Yes, Your Highness!” responded the Warriors in unison.

Immediately after they had said this.

There was a loud blast as someone kicked the main door open.

“You old geezer, there’s no need to look for me! I’ve come here myself!”


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