Billionaire God of War Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847

Caleb kept his hands behind his back as he clopped his way in on his wooden clogs. He turned his nose up and looked extremely arrogant.

“Who is it?!” shouted the Prince before realizing it was Caleb. He was surprised that Caleb actually dared to come here.

A group of Warriors immediately surrounded Caleb, but he didn’t even look at them.

He stared only at the Prince and looked like he was about to swallow him whole.

Brother Geoff and the wolves were behind him. The terrifying aura from their bodies made the Prince narrow his eyes.

“Caleb, you actually dare to barge into my house!” scoffed the Prince coldly as he waved his hand. “Men!”

With that command, the main door was immediately shut fast.

Caleb looked back and grinned. “It’s good that the doors are closed.”

He looked around him and saw all the Warriors on standby as they gripped their katanas tightly and kept their eyes on the wolves.

Even the best bodyguards by the Prince’s side had especially grim looks on their faces.

These men were highly skilled fighters!

The Prince had sensed it immediately.

The feeling was the same as when Krishan came. Perhaps it was even more terrifying now.

The smell of blood in the air seemed to rush at him like ocean waves, making the Prince breathe more quickly than before.

“These people…” The Prince narrowed his eyes. “Did these people just walk out from a massacre?”

There was no actual blood on the wolves, but they gave off an air that made one feel both fearful and uncomfortable.

“Your Highness, you must be careful. These people…are not ordinary!” whispered the Warrior right next to him. “They might not be frightening by themselves, but when they’re combined together…they’re no weaker than Krishan!”

Even though the Prince’s residence had nearly a hundred Warriors protecting it, they felt that once the wolves started fighting, they might not be able to bear the consequences.

The Warriors exchanged glances and had already given a signal to get more people.

Of course Caleb knew these signals.

But he didn’t care!

“Your Highness, your men came to force me to take a stand and I just tolerated it,” said Caleb as he stood where he was with his hands behind his back and looked like an elderly person. “You sent men to kill me, and I could tolerate that too.”

“But you…” His face darkened. “My Big Boss was right by my side and you dare to make trouble?”

“Your Big Boss?” The Prince frowned.

He had never heard of this before. What Big Boss?

“I don’t mind embarrassing myself!”

“I don’t even mind dying!”

“But my Big Boss’ mood cannot be affected!”

“My Big Boss’ wife’s mood must never be affected!”

Caleb swung his fists like he was making a speech and pointed a finger at the Prince. “But you didn’t know what’s good for you!”

“My brothers!”

“Since our Big Boss and his wife became unhappy, then we are unhappy too!”

“I’m the first one to get angry!”

None of the wolves moved and they all behaved more like statues, making the scene rather awkward all of a sudden.

Caleb’s face reddened and he coughed lightly twice.

“HAHA!” The Prince could tell that the wolves didn’t listen to Caleb at all.

Where were these people from? Did Caleb fail to pay them sufficiently?

These people were certainly not going to work for Caleb.

“Caleb, you’ve chosen the wrong side, so you deserve to die.” The Prince took a step forward and his presence intensified. “Since you’ve sent yourself here to die, then forget about stepping out of here again!”

He shouted, “Kill him!”

The Warriors shouted angrily and ran towards Caleb and the wolves.

Caleb gulped when he saw this and started getting anxious when he noticed that the wolves weren’t moving at all.

But before Caleb could say anything, Brother Geoff’s eyes suddenly seemed to shoot two rays of light out, and a deep and sinister intention to kill immediately gushed out from his body just as a Warrior came close to him!


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