Billionaire God of War Chapter 1848

Chapter 1848

Number Two, Number Three, Number Four, Number Five…all of them suddenly seemed to have come alive. Their huge eyes were suddenly filled with murder.

“ATTACK!” roared Brother Geoff so loudly that Caleb felt like his eardrums were about to burst.

“Formation technique!” shouted the wolves as they got into position and swept the place like a sharp sword.

In an instant, they rushed into the crowd of Warriors, and their murderous moves surged across their opponents like the waves.

It drowned all the Warriors in their way.

Brother Geoff delivered a punch and the heavy force met with an oncoming Warrior. The Warrior went flying and his chest collapsed violently with a loud crack.

The terrifying impact broke his chest bone and several ribs.

What a terrifying amount of strength!

Caleb almost forgot to breathe.

He opened his eyes wide and didn’t want to blink at all. He watched the wolves fight like a pack of demons. They were vicious and violent at the same time.

One punch!

That was all it took to send a man flying!

Every move resulted in either broken arms or broken legs. They were out to kill and didn’t show mercy.

These men had gone through real war, so they knew that even if they showed their opponents mercy, their opponents might not show them mercy.

Caleb watched as Warrior after Warrior was sent flying by the wolves, then crashed heavily on the floor and started howling in pain.

The howls never stopped, and in less than five minutes, all hundred Warriors were on the floor and howling and crying away.

Caleb’s legs were trembling not out of fear, but out of excitement.

He had seen highly skilled fighters before, but someone as shocking as Ethan was rare to come by. The wolves seemed to move as a whole, and they were one large and sharp sword!

They were really vicious!

The Prince was also terribly shocked.

There were a hundred Warriors or so earlier and they had all collapsed. Not a single one was left standing. The bodyguards next to him had even grimmer expressions on their faces and looked like they were faced with a formidable foe.

“Anybody else?” Brother Geoff looked around and there was still blood dripping from his fists. He looked at the Prince and the Prince felt his heart shudder.

That stare…looked like the stare of a demon!

“Who else?” Caleb yelled out as well and pointed at the Prince. “You?”

The Prince’s expression was nasty. Caleb was pointing a finger at him but he didn’t dare to argue back.

“Caleb, you mean you dare to kill me?” he scoffed with disdain. “I’m the Prince that has control over the Masamune Syndicate. If you dare to touch me, then you can forget about remaining in the syndicate!”

Caleb laughed.

“I don’t care.”

Brother Geoff immediately made a move!

Number Five and Number Six also took action.

At the same time, the Warriors by the Prince’s side didn’t hesitate. They drew their katanas and flew out as well.

The cold and gleaming katanas made it difficult for one’s eyes to remain open. They purposely used the reflection of the blades to affect the vision of the wolves.

When he saw Brother Geoff reach up to block his eyes, one of the Warriors scoffed coldly and ran even more quickly than before as he swung his katana across.

“Go to hell!”

His long blade came down in a beautiful arc and he was quick as lightning!

The katana was headed straight for Brother Geoff’s head. If the katana struck Brother Geoff, he would be sliced into half.

But all of a sudden, two legs moved more quickly than the Warrior’s blade. They kicked out at the same time and seemed to move faster than lightning as they landed right on the Warrior’s chest.

The impact was followed by the sounds of cracking bones and that Warrior shrieked as he went flying, spewing a mouthful of blood as he flew.

He crashed to the floor and died on the spot.

Number Five and Number Six walked out from behind Brother Geoff on his left and right, like they were his bodyguards.

The three of them formed a formation. The one in the middle attacked while the two at the side defended.

Brother Geoff put his hands down and stared at the Prince before staring at the other Warriors. That gaze sent chills down his spine.

“Who…who on earth are you people?” asked the Prince through gritted teeth.

He was very sure that Tokyo didn’t have such highly skilled fighters around!


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