Billionaire God of War Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849

Brother Geoff ignored him.

He couldn’t be bothered to reply. The Prince had no right to know who he was or whose he was.

He turned to look at Caleb.

“What do you want him to do?”

“Apologize!” Caleb didn’t hesitate at all. “Kneel down and apologize!”

“How dare you!” The Prince was furious.

How could Caleb say such a thing? Making him kneel down and apologize was even worse than killing him.

He was the Prince who controlled the Masamune Syndicate and was part of the royal family, so he represented the monarchy of the country and couldn’t possibly kneel before a commoner.

The Prince was furious and pointed a finger at Caleb. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“I’m the Prince! How dare you make me kneel?”

“Even the Prince…” Caleb narrowed his eyes. “…has to kneel!”

He was here to humiliate the Prince, and he was going to use the worst possible way to do so.

Caleb snorted coldly and suddenly started laughing.

“You have no idea who you have offended.”

“He’s not someone you can afford to offend!”

The Prince’s expression paled and his body trembled from being too angry. He wanted to curse Caleb, but when he saw the wolves gather behind Brother Geoff, he didn’t dare to say anything.

These people were too frightening.

“Your Highness…” His bodyguards were pale in the face too.

They couldn’t win this fight at all. If they rushed over now, they would definitely die.

And if they died, then the Prince was definitely going to die too.

“You mean you want me to kneel too?!” roared the Prince. “Kill them!”

He couldn’t stand it at all and gave the command immediately.

The guards ran out without hesitation. They had to listen to the Prince’s orders.

But in just a few moments…

The Prince’s eyelids twitched as he watched his guards just flop about on the floor without even the energy to struggle.

His lips trembled. “You…you…”

The men from the Masamune Syndicate were on their way and they were nearly here. Once they got here, all these people had to die!

But…were they going to be on time?

“Your Highness, just kneel,” said Caleb. “Don’t think that the Masamune Syndicate will come and save you. You’re not the boss of the syndicate yet, you know?”

The Prince immediately paled.

The Chief!

He must have done something without him knowing!

The Prince suddenly felt like he was about to faint. That Jaken wanted to kill him?

Just because they had a disagreement, Jaken was coming to kill him?

“Nobody wants to kill you,” said Caleb. “It’s very simple. Just kneel down and apologize. Your Highness, that’s not too much to ask of you, right?”

“Dream on!” roared the Prince angrily.

Making him kneel was worse than killing him!

Before he could say anything else, Brother Geoff suddenly appeared next to the Prince and kicked him in the back of his knees. The Prince yelped and immediately fell to his knees.

The marble flooring resounded with a loud thud.

The Prince tried to get up, but Brother Geoff kept a hand on his shoulder and he couldn’t move at all.


The Prince was going mad soon.

Caleb didn’t care. He took his phone out and started snapping photos.

He even took photos from different angles, and even squatted on the floor just to get the best angle and lighting so that the photos of the Prince kneeling would look even more perfect.

The Prince nearly vomited blood when he saw what Caleb was doing.

“Just kill me!” he roared angrily.

But Brother Geoff kept him down and he couldn’t move at all.

“I’m not going to kill you,” Caleb shook his head. “We have to use reason to convince others, and not just simply kill people.”

He looked at the photos he had taken and nodded satisfactorily.

These photos were more useful than death threats.

The royal family was most concerned about their reputation and their dignity. If the emperor saw these photos, the Prince could commit seppuku but never get rid of the humiliation he had brought to the royal family!


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