Billionaire God of War Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851

Nobody knew better than Jaken about the reason why the Prince was making so much trouble for him.

The Masamune Syndicate had always been the most powerful faction of Tokyo’s illegal circles, but after so many years, they had become bigger and stronger, so the royal family was now wary of them.

If the royal family could take the syndicate under its wing, it would be able to soar to greater heights.

The syndicate would be able to gather more resources and wealth for the royal family, but Jaken didn’t like that.

Since this was a matter concerning the illegal circles, then it should be run by the illegal circles according to their rules. Once the legal circle was involved, then more trouble would come their way.

It was one thing to be made use of by the royal family and to become their tool, but the problem was that once the syndicate lost its original character and everything else it stood for, it would become an easy target for other powers in the legal circles.

They would suddenly be faced with so many threats for nothing, and there was no benefit in doing such a thing. Even an idiot wouldn’t allow this to happen.

So when he saw that the Prince had offended Caleb and Caleb had fought back and even took photos, Jaken was really beside himself with joy.

“Men! Go and invite Mr Caleb over!” commanded Jaken. “I want to have a drink with him to celebrate! HAHAHA!”

Caleb had chosen to stand on his side and had immediately gone to threaten the Prince. He was going to see if the Prince dared to do anything now!

His men acknowledged his orders and ran out.

Jaken waved his hand and those few figures appeared behind him again.

“I didn’t think that Caleb would have so many highly skilled fighters with him, and nobody knows where they came from. Chief, you have to be careful.”

Jaken kept a smile on his face, but there was a vicious glint in his eyes.

“Of course I have to be careful.”

“Caleb isn’t as simple as everyone thinks he is. We’ve all been fooled.”

If those fighters hadn’t appeared with Caleb, then Jaken could only suspect this. But since Caleb even managed to push the Prince into a corner, then it meant that the power that Caleb actually commanded was not to be belittled.

If Caleb was pretending all along, then nothing about him could be believed anymore.

That included the whole idea that he had no desires and didn’t care for fame and power.

“Things are getting more and more fun now. The Prince will surely take action again, but I’m not sure how he’s going to do it. And that Chinese martial artist…” said Jaken. “I’m afraid he’s already got his eye on me!”

He looked up and peered around him, because he kept feeling like a pair of eyes was looking at him. He had called his bodyguards out so as to scare this person in the darkness away.

Calling Caleb over was for this same reason.

It was true that Krishan had already infiltrated the headquarters and was hiding nearby.

He was looking for a chance. A most suitable chance!


Caleb was in the shrine and he was so excited that he began dancing.

“Come, come! My brothers! Let me toast all of you!”

He happily threw his clogs aside and his footsteps creaked noisily on the wooden flooring. He picked up his cup with both hands and was simply too elated. “I’ll drink this one down! All of you, just drink anytime!”

The wolves did not hesitate and drank everything down in one gulp.

There was no such thing as anytime for them.

Caleb was even more excited now.

After watching the Prince kneel and how the wolves wiped out all his men, he felt so excited.

Now that the wolves had emptied their cups at one shot, that was showing him respect, so Caleb became even more excited. “Tonight, I want to make everyone feel welcome here, so please eat as much as you like!”

He had gotten more than ten famous chefs to cook their best dishes, so he had put in a lot of effort into entertaining his guests.

But the wolves continued to sit up straight and didn’t seem quite the same as before.

“Go ahead and eat.”

The wolves only started eating when Ethan told them to.

During their time in the Middle East, they had gotten used to this. Even though they were of a higher status than Malcolm, Malcolm was the commander-in-chief of the Merlyn family army, so that was the authority and position that Ethan gave him.

So even the wolves listened entirely to Malcolm. That was the rule!

“Big Boss, these guys are really amazing!” Caleb couldn’t help but give them a thumbs up. “With them around, there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore! We can go anywhere! We can wipe out anyone!”


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