Billionaire God of War Chapter 1853

Chapter 1853

It was true that it didn’t take this many people to take Caleb down.

Any grandmaster level Warrior could hack him to pieces easily.

So since there were so many people…were they targeting Ethan?

Caleb’s expression grew grim and there was a murderous look in his eyes.

If Jaken dared to attack Ethan, Caleb was going to make sure the entire Masamune Syndicate perished, no matter what it took!

“Of course not,” Ethan shook his head. “Even an army is useless against me.”

Caleb froze for a moment and realized that Ethan was right.

Jaken had no idea who Ethan was, and had no idea that the person who could turn the Masamune Syndicate upside down was right here.

“Then who?” Caleb was puzzled.

Jaken was very confident and seldom prepared so many guards around him.

This was probably the first time he was doing this in many years.

The Prince?

That was even more impossible. The Prince had fallen to his knees, so to Jaken, this man had fallen from grace and wasn’t qualified to compete with him anymore.

“It’s not important.” Ethan’s words were simple and to the point.

Regardless of who Jaken was guarding against, it had nothing to do with their aim tonight.

Caleb took a deep breath. He knew that well.

He was here to throw a tantrum.

Jaken actually dared to threaten him. Jaken had called him a brother and was so polite to him just the day before, but now that the Prince had fallen to his knees, Jaken didn’t think he was useful anymore?

Caleb clopped on in his wooden clogs as his long robe dragged across the floor and he folded his arms in front. He looked like such a gangster.

Ethan had no idea how this fellow managed to remain the head of the main shrine looking like this. He dressed the same way in front of the public as well, so it was hard to believe that anybody would trust this guy.

“I’m sorry, but only Mr Caleb is allowed inside,” said the guard at the door sternly as he stopped Ethan.

“Oh? Then I’m not going in.”

Caleb turned to leave.

There were so many Warriors guarding the place tonight, and these were only the ones he could see. Who knew how many more were hiding in the darkness?

If Ethan wasn’t allowed inside and Jaken wanted to kill him, then where was he going to run to?

He didn’t hesitate at all. The moment he heard that Ethan couldn’t go in, he turned and wanted to leave.

“Mr Caleb, please wait!” The guard clearly didn’t expect Caleb to be so direct. “Please don’t make things difficult for me.”

“I’m not making things difficult for you. I’m just not going in. You can explain to the Chief yourself.”

Caleb scoffed and didn’t even look at the guard.

The expression on the guard’s face changed slightly.

“Mr Caleb, please wait here, I’ll go in and let the Chief know first.”

Caleb remained calm and just rolled his eyes at the guard. “No need. Let’s go.”

He walked in with Ethan and disregarded the guard at the door. This fellow was just a guard outside the door and dared to be so rude to him? Did this fellow think he was an easy target?

Even if he didn’t have this huge killing machine next to him, Caleb never had any regard for a door guard.

The door guard caught Caleb’s disdainful expression and grit his teeth. He didn’t dare to say anything, but a tinge of hatred flashed in his eyes.

Ethan noticed all of this, but he didn’t care.

If he stooped to the level of ants, then he would become a loser.

The two of them walked into the courtyard and could smell food from afar.

“Mr Caleb!” Jaken was seated cross legged in front of the food and didn’t stand up when he saw Caleb come in. He pointed to another seat and said, “Quickly come over and sit!”

His eyes fell upon Ethan and felt that Ethan seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place his finger on when he had seen this man before.

“And this is…?”

“This is my bodyguard,” replied Caleb directly.

He didn’t say that Ethan was his Papa, otherwise it would scare Jaken. Everyone knew that Caleb didn’t have any surviving family members.

Jaken frowned slightly.

He didn’t expect someone else to come along.

But he didn’t show it outwardly.

“I see,” his voice grew slightly colder.


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