Billionaire God of War Chapter 1854

Chapter 1854

Ethan wasn’t bothered. He remained standing behind Caleb and looked around to find that there were more than twenty Japanese Warriors hiding in the darkness. All of them were very formidable and were on their way to becoming advanced grandmasters.

He secretly exchanged glances with Caleb and Caleb got the message.

“Chief, you’ve called me over and I’m so touched that there’s so much good food to eat,” exclaimed Caleb as he looked at the spread on the table. “Besides all this good food, you’ve got so many Warriors protecting me too. You must have found out that I offended the Prince and you’re afraid that the Prince might come looking for me, right?”

Jaken laughed and his eyes curved as well.

“Indeed, I did hear about how you’ve totally offended the Prince,” he said calmly. “If the Prince tries to attack you, then who else would protect you if I don’t?”

Both men started laughing.

Caleb didn’t stand on ceremony and just ate whatever he wanted. He didn’t seem worried that anyone would poison the food at all. The way he looked so unguarded made Jaken sneer coldly in his heart.

“Since you’ve joined my side, then it’s only right for me to protect you,” said Jaken. “I’m not like the Prince and I don’t only care about benefits. I’m sentimental too.”

“Sure, whatever you say,” Caleb wiped his mouth and looked like he didn’t care at all. “I’m not sure why you’ve called me over?”

“You have photos of the Prince kneeling, right?” laughed Jaken. “Give them to me?”

“Why do you want these photos?” Caleb looked at Jaken as he used a toothpick to clean his teeth. “I was going to put up an exhibition and I own the copyrights to these photos, so I can’t just give them away.”

“Stop joking around,” said Jaken. “These photos are useful to me. If you give them to me, then you would have made a significant contribution.”

His expression slowly became stern and he sounded slightly impatient now.

He wanted something and Caleb replied to him with so much nonsense. Couldn’t Caleb tell that this was a command and not a request?

Of course Caleb could tell.

But he wasn’t going to comply with Jaken!

“I’m not giving them to you.” Caleb grinned as he shook his head. “I’m going to enter a competition with these photos, so I won’t give them to you.”

“Caleb!” Jaken’s expression darkened. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“Of course I know what I’m saying.” Caleb looked up and saw that all the Warriors had a murderous look on their faces as they stared at him. It was as if they were going to slice him to pieces with their katanas if he wasn’t going to accede!

“Chief, you don’t have to go through so much trouble,” said Caleb. “It’s very easy to get this sort of kneeling photos, you know?”

“Huh?” Jaken didn’t know what Caleb was saying.

He wanted the photos of the Prince kneeling so that he could spin a story and attack the Prince, or even pull down the monarchy. What was Caleb talking about now?

“You want kneeling photos? I could take them for you.” Caleb pointed at an empty space in the room. “I think this spot isn’t too bad. The lighting, angle and backdrop is perfect. So I’m sure these photos will come out even nicer than the Prince’s.”

“I might really win a prize with these photos!”

He was so excited and looked so eager. He had even taken his phone out already.

“What do you mean by that?!” Jaken’s expression darkened as he realized what Caleb was saying. He roared angrily, “Are you telling me that I have to kneel too?”

He slammed a palm on the table and flew into a rage.

Caleb was really getting bold now! He wanted him to kneel? Who did Caleb think he was?

All the Warriors immediately pulled their katanas out from their sheathes. The atmosphere in the courtyard instantly became icy cold and murder filled the air.

Jaken’s expression was now furious.

“You didn’t hear me wrongly.” Caleb sat where he was and stole a glance at Ethan. “You have to kneel today too!”


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