Billionaire God of War Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855

“How dare you!” Jaken slammed the table and got up with a start as he pointed a finger at Caleb. “You’re defying authority! How rude!”

Caleb remained seated and poured himself a cup of wine, then sipped it.

“The wine is not bad, but this man…” He looked up with a start and his gaze was unfeeling. “Chief, it’s very tiring to control such a large syndicate, right? Why don’t I share the burden with you?”

“You…you’re courting death!” Jaken was even angrier now.

Caleb wanted to take his position?

Caleb actually wanted to take his position?

Caleb was doing this with just one other person?

Jaken had placed so many Warriors around this place. The number of people both in the open and in hiding were enough to kill them a thousand times over. Caleb must be stupid.

“Take them down!” Jaken didn’t hesitate at all.

He could call Caleb his brother the day before, but today, he could wield his katana and kill Caleb.

If anyone tried to block him or offend him, that person had to die!

The Warriors immediately lifted their katanas and charged towards Caleb ferociously.

But Caleb remained calm and didn’t seem to be the slightest bit anxious or afraid.

He was probably able to have this much swag just once in his lifetime, so Caleb wasn’t wasting a moment of it.

“Sometimes, life is really beautiful but as short-lived as the snow.” He shook his head.

Immediately after he said that, Ethan slammed the table and caused a few chopsticks to fly up. He grabbed them and flung them out violently.

The chopsticks flew out more quickly than bullets and hit several Warriors.

There were several howls as those men flew right out and crashed onto the floor as they clutched their chest and wailed in pain.

Jaken’s expression changed and the way he looked at Ethan was different now.

He didn’t expect Caleb’s bodyguard to be this formidable!

“Kill him!” he shouted, and more Warriors surrounded the two of them.

Caleb remained seated and even continued to leisurely eat his food and drink his wine.

He regretted not bringing more people with him. If he filmed this entire process down, it would become the most valuable recording in his collection.

Ethan had already stood up.

His body floated lightly like a ghost as he tapped the floor with his foot and flew into the crowd of Warriors.

His fists!

Immediately it exploded!

His fists pummeled like the rising waters of the sea and crashed down on the Warriors. The ferocious impact of each punch broke all their katanas.

These fists proceeded to land on the chests of these Warriors and made a loud crack…

The sound of ribs cracking boomed through the air!

Everywhere that Ethan went, Warriors would go flying, then crash heavily onto the floor without any possibility of standing up again.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten Warriors were incapacitated and they were wailing on the floor.

Jaken felt his hair stand on end.

These were all his best Warriors. But they…they couldn’t even hold up against one punch.

“So sad, my life is beautiful but short like the snow!” Caleb looked up with a cup of wine in his hands and suddenly became poetic. “There is no one else like me, the universe has cut off all enjoyment from me. Nobody has surpassed me in my beautiful but short life, how lonely, how very lonely I am.”

Jaken was going to vomit blood from being so angry.

He glared at Ethan and gnashed his teeth angrily. “All of you! Attack! Attack him! Kill him!”

But the more loudly he shouted, the more loudly the Warriors wailed after they were sent flying.

In just a few moments, the courtyard was filled with groans and wails. None of the Warriors were left standing and they were all over the floor. Half of them had even lost consciousness.

Their katanas had been broken at the handle and flung onto the floor, so they didn’t look much different from random pieces of bronze and iron.

Ethan stood there and glared back at Jaken. Those eyes made Jaken’s heart sink immediately.

A very familiar feeling overwhelmed his heart.

“You…who on earth are you?” Jaken stared at Ethan and his voice was icy. “This is the Masamune Syndicate! Do you know what are the consequences of making trouble here?”

“It’s not my first time doing this anyway,” replied Ethan calmly.


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