Billionaire God of War Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856

Jaken felt like his heart was going to shatter.

His eyes widened and his face was filled with disbelief.

“You…you…you are…!”

He felt like his throat was being squeezed and he couldn’t get any words out.

Several advanced grandmaster level fighters slowly appeared as if they were projected on a screen.

Before Jaken could stop them, these fighters made their way towards Ethan.

These were the most powerful guards he had by his side, the Shadow Warriors!


Jaken’s throat went dry.

These men moved extremely quickly. They were experts in assassination and were also excellent at hiding themselves. They knew how to manipulate the light so that their tracks were completely covered and they could kill their target without their target realizing anything at all.

These were ninja techniques, but it was all child’s play to Ethan.

Ethan suddenly moved. It looked like there was nothing in front of him, but he smashed a fist down hard.

There was a loud blast and the floor was soon covered in blood.

The blood spewed out like a fountain and even the wooden flooring splintered.

In the next moment, a figure appeared and stared in horror at Ethan with a mouth full of blood. He couldn’t believe it. He had gone close to Ethan so secretly but it was still useless.

Ethan had hit him even more accurately than if he was visible, and smashed his fist right into his chest.

The impact of that punch…

Fresh blood and bits of his internal organs came spewing out from that Warrior’s mouth, but Ethan didn’t even take a second glance at him.

With the Extreme Fist Technique in hand, he could sense any movement around him even without his sense of sight and hearing. These fellows thought they could hide from him with these low level tactics?

How childish.

“Stop it!” Jaken finally managed to shout these words out.

His breathing was quick and his throat was dry. Shouting this out took all the energy inside of him.

He looked at the advanced grandmaster level fighter that had been killed by just one punch from Ethan and started shouting away frantically, “Stop! Stop it now!”

The rest of the figures appeared and stood in front of him. Their faces were grim and they now looked at Ethan like he was an extremely formidable enemy.

“Move aside!”

Jaken pushed the Warriors in front of him aside because he didn’t want them to attack Ethan anymore. If they tried, they’d definitely die!

“You…you are…?” He took a few steps forward and felt both uneasy and nervous. His heart was beating faster than when he lost his virginity. “You are…?”

“Call him Grandpa,” said Caleb.

He turned to look at Jaken. “Do you know why the Prince ended up kneeling now?”

Jaken couldn’t speak and his fingers were trembling. Of course he knew why now!

Of course he did!

“So is it very difficult for you to kneel now?” asked Caleb again.

Jaken didn’t dare to hesitate. He faced Ethan and fell to his knees with great respect.

He didn’t know that man was here!

If he had known, he wouldn’t have dared to be so rude in front of Ethan!

He knew about the chaos that swept through the syndicate back then. If not for the chaos then, he wouldn’t have become the Chief either. The elders in his family had reminded him on their deathbed to never offend that man…

“I didn’t know you were here. I deserve to die!” Jaken’s voice was trembling. The Warriors standing behind him had complicated expressions on their faces. They didn’t expect the Chief to suddenly kneel down and become so terrified.

“Now you know,” said Ethan.

He didn’t want to reveal his identity and Jaken hadn’t seen him before. Jaken was not qualified to see him back then.

He didn’t expect Jaken to kneel so quickly with no hesitation.

What an intelligent man.

“I’m not sure why you’re here, but as long as you give the instruction, I will try my best to fulfil anything you want!”


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