Billionaire God of War Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857

Jaken humbled himself as much as possible.

He didn’t have a choice.

The man before him could kill everybody in the courtyard right now.

He could exterminate the syndicate in a few moments.

What would he and the Prince be fighting for then?

Ethan was someone who was untouchable to him.

If there are a few people in the world that he must never offend, Ethan was definitely one of them.

If he had to choose which one person in the world he must never offend, then he would definitely choose Ethan!

After Ethan had killed an advanced grandmaster Warrior with one punch, Jaken knew that his elders’ advice was wise. They had lost their lives trying to prove this point.

He didn’t want to prove this point with his own life.

“I don’t think you’re the one who calls the shots around here.”

Ethan ignored what Jaken said.

Even though he was the Chief, he was just the face of the syndicate. But the one with real power wasn’t him.

Even if others didn’t know, Ethan did.

Jaken’s expression changed slightly as he looked at Ethan and smiled awkwardly. “I don’t call the shots, but I will do whatever I can.”

“Good. I’m taking Lana Salo with me,” said Ethan directly.

The moment he said that, Jaken’s expression paled. This was too much to ask of him.

“But sir, this Lana Salo…”

“Hmm?” Ethan scoffed. “Send her to the shrine safely within the next 30 minutes. If I don’t see her, I’ll come and pick her up myself. Any questions?”

Jaken shuddered all over.

He could hear the threat in these words loud and clear.

If Ethan was coming to pick her up himself, then he wouldn’t be so kind as to just break a few limbs and kill a few subordinates.

If he really decided to fight…Jaken felt like he was reliving the images of the past.

“Yes, yes! I can do that for you!”

With that, Ethan didn’t say anymore. He pulled Caleb off the floor and left.

Jaken was still kneeling there in a daze until he heard someone call out to him. His face paled when he saw that all the men on the floor were still howling in pain.

“Chief, that woman…you can’t release her.”

“If I don’t release her, then you’d rather I die?” snapped Jaken angrily.

He never thought that Ethan would appear in Tokyo, and it was actually for the sake of this woman.

He had captured her on the instructions of the priests, so even though he was the Chief, he was just a figurehead and actually, he wasn’t that confident of winning the Prince either.

But to go up against Ethan?

He might as well kill himself right now.

“Send her to the shrine! Hurry up!”

Jaken knew that it would be impossible to hide this for long. It was difficult to explain to the priests, but the Prince would definitely oppose this.

But he couldn’t care less now. In any case, he was forced to do this.

The Warriors quickly ran towards the Black Jail.

As the most important guard in this place, Marshall was in a very bad mood.

After receiving the letter that day, he ran home in a hurry to see that his wife’s clothes were a little messy and the bed was still warm, so he flew into a terrible rage.

But it all turned out to be a misunderstanding.

“Mr Marshall, the Chief’s guards are here to take Lana Salo away,” his subordinates came running in.

Marshall looked up. “Take Lana Salo away? No!”

“This woman is very important, so nobody is allowed to take her away!”

He didn’t care. He wasn’t allowing anyone to take her away.

“Marshall, you’ve stepped over your boundary. Open the room, we’re going to take her away right now,” said the guards as they walked in.

“This woman is so important and you’re bringing her away just because you say so? How do I know if you’re just pretending to be here on orders of the Chief or…AHH!”

Before he could finish speaking, one of the guards slapped him across the face.

“Open up!”

Marshall shuddered and snapped out of his earlier anger.

“Yes, yes!”

He didn’t dare to speak anymore and quickly opened the door for the guards to walk in.


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