Billionaire God of War Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858

In the depths of the Black Jail.

Lana was in her own room and she was very calm.

A person at her level would not do anything out of place even when faced with impending death.

The elegance of an aristocrat was something she was born with, and not something that she was trained to do.

She was still thinking about the man who visited her the other day. Who was he? He said he was coming to save her, but told her to wait until the Masamune Syndicate themselves sent her out of here.

Wasn’t that simply ridiculous?

If they were willing to let her go so easily, then why would they go through so much trouble to capture her?

What a joke.

Why did Lance find someone who only knew how to brag to come and save her?

She didn’t think too much about it because she felt that this wasn’t realistic at all.

Just then, someone came knocking on her door.

Was someone here with her meal?

Was it going to be rice with eel again today?

She opened the door to find herself face to face with aggressive and fierce looking bodyguards.

“What do you want?” asked Lana.

She had a bad feeling about this.

“Miss Lana, we’re here to escort you out.”

Lana wondered if she was hearing things.

“What did you say? Escort me out?”

“That is correct. The Chief has given orders for us to send you out safely and nothing must go wrong. Please come with us.”

These bodyguards had watched Jaken kneel earlier and knew what this command meant.

“Am I hearing this wrongly? You’re sending me out?” Lana’s face was filled with disbelief.

“Miss Lana, please quickly come with us, we must not delay,” said the bodyguards with a nod.

They pulled the door open and stood to one side so that Lana could walk out.

Lana was a little hesitant. She didn’t know if these men were joking with her, or if they were going to attack her. But if they wanted to attack her, they didn’t need such a lame excuse.

She walked out from the room and the bodyguards followed behind her. They looked very cautious and a little wary.

They didn’t know how this woman was related to Ethan, but since she was someone mentioned by Ethan, she was definitely no ordinary person!

Lana decided to believe them and walked out from the Black Jail. Nobody stopped her at all.

She continued walking all the way out of the headquarters and she felt like she was dreaming.

What that man said turned out to be true after all.

The Masamune Syndicate was seriously sending her out themselves.

“Where are we going now?” she asked the bodyguards.

“We’re going to the main shrine in Tokyo,” said the bodyguard as his team checked their surroundings carefully and were behaving extremely carefully.

Lana got into the car and the rest of the bodyguards immediately shut the doors. They checked the area around them carefully and made sure there was nothing dangerous or suspicious around them.

That was their mission.

Lana was even more confused and had no idea what could have happened to make the syndicate change their minds and allow her to leave.

She just knew that it definitely had something to do with Ethan!

The car drove off and headed for the shrine.

A small black car revved up its engine from behind and immediately followed after them.

“This Jaken is a pretty scheming one. Where is he sending Lana to?” Jimmy kept an eye on the car in front. “Mr Drake, that’s the woman.”

“I’ll tell you honestly – that woman has one of the manual’s pages.”

“As long as you can capture her, you’ll get one page of the manual!”

Krishan’s eyes immediately gleamed brightly.

He didn’t care who Lana was or where she came from. He only cared about whether she had the Extreme Fist Technique Manual on her or not.

As long as she had a page on hand, he was going to take action.

He didn’t care if he had to capture or even kill her, as long as he got what he wanted!

“I don’t care where they’re taking her. She’s going to land in my hands in the end!” snarled Krishan nastily as he watched the car in front.


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