Billionaire God of War Chapter 1859

Chapter 1859

Krishan’s gaze became icy. “Follow them!”

The car immediately sped up and kept a certain distance from the car in front.

Once there was a suitable opportunity, they would take action.

Lana had no idea that someone was following her from behind. She was still wondering about what had happened and who Ethan was. How did he manage to pull this off?

Jimmy’s car continued to follow behind at a distance.

“The fighters in the car in front are very wary, and there are other fellow fighters protecting them in the darkness, so it’s not easy to find a chance,” spat Jimmy angrily as he clenched his teeth.

They were in the Masamune Syndicate’s territory after all, so Jimmy didn’t dare to make an attack so rashly.

If he was going to take action, he had to succeed on the first try and then leave Tokyo in the quickest time possible, otherwise, they could all forget about ever leaving again.


Inside the shrine.

Lance was pacing up and down with anxiety written all over his face. He simply couldn’t just sit and wait.

“Why isn’t she back yet?”

He had received a call from Ethan to say that the syndicate was sending his sister back, and he was so excited.

He had come to Tokyo for several days now but didn’t know what he could do at all. His family didn’t respond at all even though he had called them several times now.

Relying on his clan to rescue her was pointless.

“Sit down and wait, don’t be anxious,” said Diane. “Ethan said they’re sending her back, so they’re definitely doing that now.”

Since Ethan said so, she believed it with all her heart.

Even if Ethan said Lana would come back on a spaceship, Diane would believe him.

“I know, I know,” said Lance as he continued to pace the room. He would look at the main gate from time to time to see if she was back yet, but there was still no sound after some time.

“Do you think an accident has happened?” he couldn’t help but ask as he hung his head.

“What a foul mouth you have.” Caleb glanced at him. “Can’t you say something nicer? She’s your sister.”

Lance’s face reddened. “I’m just saying.”

“There are some things you shouldn’t say,” retorted Caleb.

Why was this idiot just spouting nonsense like that?

Wasn’t he supposed to be from an aristocratic family? Didn’t he know how to say nice things?

Caleb turned to look at Ethan.

“Jaken will really send her back obediently?”

He was sure that Jaken was scared of Ethan. Once Jaken realized who Ethan was, he would definitely be on his best behavior.

But at the same time, Jaken was just a spokesperson and was just a puppet chief. The one truly in power of this syndicate was someone else. Otherwise, there was no way the royal family would have allowed the Prince to be part of it.

It was all for the sake of gaining power.

“If he doesn’t want to die, he’ll send her back,” said Ethan calmly.

The gong outside resounded and Caleb immediately got up. “She’s really here!”

He had told his men to sound the gong once she reached so that they would know.

Nobody knew what Jaken might be up to and whether he might try any other tricks. Caleb had already set everything up ahead of time.

If Jaken didn’t follow Ethan’s instructions, he was going to release the photos of Jaken begging for mercy on his knees, and make sure his reputation went down the drain!

He would make sure that Jaken’s reputation was ruined before the Prince’s!

When the gong sounded, Lance ran out even more quickly than Caleb.

Ethan and Diane exchanged glances and got up as well.

“Let’s go out and have a look too.”

Lana got out of the car outside the shrine and saw that they were at the Masamune Syndicate’s main shrine. She had no idea why she was brought here.

As the gong sounded, Jaken’s bodyguards were also puzzled as to what was happening.

“They’re going into the shrine,” Jimmy noticed Lana standing at the entrance to the shrine. “If you don’t take action now, you might not get a chance!”

He looked at Krishan.


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