Billionaire God of War Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860

This shrine was not a place to be trifled with. And what was that gong for? Were they already prepared for this?

Krishan scoffed and didn’t say anything. He immediately got out of the car and dashed towards Lana.

If he had to make a move, he was going to take Lana with him in the quickest time possible!

Krishan moved as quickly as lightning.

He soon caught the attention of the Masamune Syndicate bodyguards.

“Who is it?!”

“We’re under attack!”

The bodyguards started shouting.

Jaken’s orders were to send Lana safely into the shrine, but they were still outside.

If anything happened to Lana, they would be held accountable for it.

The other bodyguards dashed out and left two of them to guard Lana on both sides.

“What’s going on?” asked Lana.

She didn’t expect someone else to try to take her life.

And it seemed like the assailant wasn’t from the Masamune Syndicate.

Krishan just raised an arm and sent one of the bodyguards flying out.

“Move aside!” His eyes were kept on Lana. “I’m taking this woman with me!”

He was especially domineering and was never polite about anything he wanted to get.

That bodyguard’s face instantly turned green and died on the spot. He had been poisoned!

The remaining bodyguards immediately paled.

“Watch out!”

Nobody expected the assailant to be this terrifying.

He had killed one of them with just the wave of his hand. What a terrifying fighter!

Krishan just scoffed and didn’t even look at the bodyguards.

These men were nothing but ants to him. He could easily kill even a grandmaster level fighter.

There weren’t that many martial artists in the world who were at Krishan’s level, so he didn’t need to be so worried.

Krishan’s attack was fairly aggressive as he came down on them fiercely. These bodyguards didn’t even stand a chance at all. Before they could draw their katanas, they were sent flying by Krishan to land motionless on the ground.

“Go in! Quickly!” The two remaining bodyguards next to Lana quickly stood in front of her with pale faces and hurried her into the shrine.

They kept their eye on Krishan and were prepared to fight to the very end!

“I’m taking her away, so nobody’s going to save her!”

Krishan came towards them like a rush of wind, and the pressure from the wind made their faces hurt.

He was really too frightening!

“Kill him!”

The last two bodyguards decided that even if they had to die, they had to fulfil their responsibility.

The two of them held their knives tightly and stabbed it towards Krishan at the same time.

The two of them had fought many battles together and were very well coordinated. Their efforts combined were definitely way better than when they fought alone.

But even so, they couldn’t hold up against Krishan either.

Krishan gave a low growl and brought his palms down hard. His palms were like two axes as they broke the backbones of the two bodyguards and killed them instantly.

Jimmy was still seated in the car and he couldn’t help but gasp at this sight.

This man was simply too violent.

He knew that Krishan was formidable, but he didn’t expect him to be so formidable and so ruthless as well.

He was an expert in using poison and was such a high level martial artist. Offending this man was really a very dangerous move.

Everything had happened in less than a minute. These grandmaster level bodyguards had been killed off by Krishan just like that.

Where could Lana go now?

“Come with me,” said Krishan as he looked at Lana standing there all by herself.

Lana was rather scared and took two steps back. If she landed in this scary man’s hands, she was definitely going to die!

“Who are you?” She tried to stall for time, but Krishan didn’t give her the chance to.

He took two steps forward and his gaze became icy.

“Don’t force me to hurt you. Come with me!”

“I don’t think she can leave with you.”

Just then, someone walked out from inside the shrine and he looked at Krishan as he spoke calmly, “Since you like her so much, why don’t you stay too?”


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