Billionaire God of War Chapter 1863

Chapter 1863

Lance immediately panicked.

“Lana, I’ve already promised him!” He glanced at Ethan and wasn’t sure if Ethan was angry.

They were still in Tokyo and were still on the Masamune Syndicate’s territory. If Ethan became unhappy, they could be re-captured by the Masamune Syndicate.

The clan wasn’t going to save them!

“Your promise doesn’t count.” Lana wasn’t backing down.

She looked at Ethan. “Lance has no say in this and cannot make a decision about this. The technology for the integrated circuits is classified information within the family and cannot be shared with others. I hope you can understand.”

Lance nearly fainted.

Hope Ethan could understand?

How was that supposed to happen?

Ethan must have paid a high price to be able to rescue Lana, but now they were going back on their word. That was as good as courting death.

Didn’t Lana see how Ethan managed to defeat Krishan so easily just now?

Even the Salos would not want to offend someone with such prowess!

Lance really panicked and didn’t know how to explain himself now.

He never thought of lying to Ethan. He wouldn’t dare to!

“Sure, I understand,” Ethan unexpectedly nodded.

He then walked into the shrine without saying anything.

Lana was a little stunned while Lance went into a daze.

He was so afraid that Ethan would get angry and smite them on the spot.

But Ethan just frowned and walked away without saying anything?

“Lance, you can’t just promise others things like this. These are not things that you and I can decide on, do you understand?” Lana took a deep breath. “This sort of classified information is the edge that the Salo family has over everyone else, so how could we give it away?”

“The Salo family? Have they cared about whether you live or die?” Lance shook his head. “I promised Ethan this already. He rescued you, so I have to support him with our technology. This is a fair and equal exchange. To me, nothing is more important than your survival.”

“You’re not thinking straight!”

“You are the one who’s not thinking straight!” said Lance. “No matter what, everyone ought to be a man of his word! If we go back on our word, we won’t be able to bear the consequences of doing so!”

He quickly ran after Ethan while Lana angrily stomped her feet.

“Ethan!” Lance quickly caught up with Ethan and panted heavily. “I’ll definitely do what I promised you. Please don’t be angry, I’m not someone who goes back on his word.”

Ethan barely glanced at him.

“Who knows?”

He didn’t bother about Lance and treated Lance like air. Regardless of what Lance said, Ethan didn’t pay him any attention.

Lance was starting to panic.

But he knew that nothing he said now would work.

Lana’s words earlier had clearly offended Ethan.

Since Ethan ignored him, Lance could only sigh and walk back to the main gate where Lana was.

“Why aren’t we going in?” asked Lana.

“We can’t go in anymore.” Lance glanced at her a little helplessly. “He didn’t chase us away, but he’s not going to care about us anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter, we don’t need him to bother about us,” said Lana. “Let’s go back to our clan. Once we’re back home, everything’s going to be alright.”

The Salo’s were one of the top families in the Third World, so once they got back, nobody would be able to hurt them anymore. Lana still felt this way.

Lance wanted to say something but didn’t say anything in the end.

He called the bodyguards who came with him to Tokyo to escort them to the airport immediately. He didn’t dare to stay too long in Tokyo.

But once they reached the airport, they saw a familiar group of people waiting outside the entrance.


Lance frowned slightly. The clan had sent someone here for them?

Lana had just been rescued and someone from the clan was here as if they had arrived a long time ago and were just waiting for them outside the airport.

They were about to go over when a bodyguard held him back.

“Mr Salo, don’t move!”


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