Billionaire God of War Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867

Caleb wished he could weld the gate shut so that nobody gotta go out.

Save Lance and Lana?

There was no need for that. These two were quite smart though. Once something bad happened to them, they came running towards the shrine.

This was probably the safest place in Tokyo, but whether it was safe to them or not depended on Ethan’s mood.

And these people had made Ethan unhappy just moments ago.

He turned and saw Ethan’s expressionless face. His lips twitched slightly. “Should we save them?”

Caleb wasn’t willing to.

Ethan didn’t say anything.

“We should save them,” Diane spoke up.

“It’s true that they were wrong for going back on their word since that was the agreement in the first place, but that’s two lives we’re talking about now,” she sighed.

To her, human lives were more important than anything else in the world.

Feuds and disagreements could be settled later. Their lives came first.

“I’m not trying to be overly magnanimous here, but if the two of them stay alive, it’s beneficial to us too,” said Diane. “The technology in Lana’s hands is very important to us.”

She wasn’t the Diane of the past, so she didn’t offer her kindness blindly anymore.

That was because she knew that just being kind wasn’t going to get her very far in this world. She should reserve her kindness for those who deserved it, and there were people who didn’t deserve kindness at all.

She was now looking at the situation from Palmer Group’s point of view. Palmer Group’s expansion and benefit was her main motivation.

Ethan looked at Diane and smiled gently. “You’re right.”

He felt very consoled to know that Diane was much more mature in the way she looked at problems.

She wasn’t the simple kind hearted girl of the past who just couldn’t stand watching anybody suffer. The society was complex and human hearts were even more complex. If she didn’t mature, then she would be the one who would constantly get hurt.

“What? You’re really going to bother about them?” Caleb didn’t get it.

He wouldn’t have bothered with these two siblings. He would have just left them to die.

So what if they were beneficial to him?

His impression of Ethan was that Ethan’s decisions did not hinge on how much he could stand to benefit.

He looked at Diane and suddenly felt like he got it. Ethan was doing this for a woman after all.

Besides Diane, there was probably nobody else in the world who could change Ethan’s temperament.

“Alright, alright, I get it,” Caleb waved his hands about. “I’ll do this.”

He turned and walked to the main gate, pulled out the lock and dragged the gate open.

Just as the gate opened, the men had caught hold of Lance and Lana!

“Let go of them!” shouted Caleb fiercely.

The men in black suits heard his voice and turned immediately. When they saw that it was Caleb, they started frowning.

“Take them away!” They didn’t want to waste time talking or getting into unnecessary trouble. Since they had captured the two people they wanted, they were just going to take them away. They didn’t want to end up in a conflict with Caleb.

Just as the men were about to leave, suddenly a huge crowd of people appeared on both sides of the street and surrounded them on all sides.

The group of men in black suits immediately paled.

“I don’t just call the shots inside this shrine. I call the shots along the entire street. Leave them behind and you can leave,” Caleb went straight to the point. “Otherwise, all of you can stay here.”

One of the men suddenly grabbed Lance by the throat.

“If you force us, I’ll kill him!”

“Sure! That’ll be great!” Caleb started clapping as he rolled his eyes. “Kill him! Kill him now! If you don’t kill him, then your son will be born blind!”

He wanted to kill these siblings himself, since he couldn’t stand the sight of them.

If someone else was willing to do it for him, that would save him the trouble.

The men were all stunned by Caleb’s reaction. Wasn’t Caleb here to save them?

“Hurry up and kill him! I don’t want to save him, so if you guys kill him, then it’s none of my business anymore.” Caleb grumbled impatiently, “Are you going to kill him or not? If you’re not going to kill him, then let them go. If you want to kill him, then hurry up and stop being such a wishy washy person.”


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