Billionaire God of War Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868

Kill them?

The Salo siblings were valuable because of what they could offer when they were alive. If they were dead, they would be useless.

The men in black suits exchanged glances. They didn’t expect Caleb to be unconcerned about their lives.

But Caleb didn’t look like he was lying, and the two siblings looked like they expected Caleb to say something like this and weren’t surprised at all.

“Let them go,” said the leader.

Lance coughed violently and his face was all red. He quickly grabbed Lana and ran to the shrine entrance and tried to climb up the stairs.

“Stop right there!” Caleb scoffed coldly. “Did I let you come up? Stand at the entrance!”

Lance and Lana immediately froze and didn’t dare to move.

“Aren’t you guys getting lost?” Caleb looked at the men in black and narrowed his eyes. “Or you guys want to stay too?”

“Let’s go.” The men looked at Caleb but didn’t say anymore. They quickly turned and left.

“By the way,” Caleb called out after them. “Tell your folks that in the future, you and your guys had better not come down this street anymore! If you come again, you’re never going back!”

The men pretended not to have heard and walked away even more quickly.


Caleb knew who these people were. These men were from the royal family!

It seemed like after the Prince ended up on his knees, the royal family couldn’t sit back anymore. And after Jaken released Lana, the royal family became even more anxious to capture her.

These fellows were really tired of living.

He looked at Lance and Lana with an annoyed expression.

“So when you’re about to die, you suddenly remember this place?” He smiled wryly at them and didn’t bother hiding the mocking look on his face. “I thought you two were really tough, and you were all ready to return to your clan. The Salo family is so powerful and it’s so easy for them to protect you, so why did you have to come back here?”

He didn’t bother being polite at all.

If Diane hadn’t pleaded for them, he really didn’t want to bother himself with these two and would have just let them die outside his shrine.

“I’m really sorry,” said Lance as he bowed his head. “I hope Ethan isn’t angry?”

“Of course he’s not angry,” scoffed Caleb. “You think you two are enough to make him angry? Who do you even think you are?!”

“Please show us some basic respect!” Lana was annoyed that Caleb was being so sarcastic to them.

“Sure, I’ll respect you. You can leave then.” Caleb stretched his hand out. “Those guys haven’t gone far and they’re just round the corner. Go to them then. If I save you a second time, then I must be a dog.”

“You…” Lana got angry and her face was all red, but she simply couldn’t argue with Caleb.

Where could they go now?

This was the only place where they could keep their lives. If they left the shrine, then those men in suits would definitely capture them.

“So keep away that stupid aristocratic dignity of yours. You’re going to die and you still want to keep your dignity? If you want dignity, then be more valiant in death,” Caleb didn’t mince his words.

“Ethan didn’t stoop to your level because he’s magnanimous and sees the big picture, so two of you are just small fry. But I’m not so easygoing!”

“You’re not even trustworthy. Aristocrats? Third World aristocrats?! You guys?!”

“What an embarrassment! Such a disgrace!”

Caleb continued to curse away at the two siblings. Lance’s face was all red but he didn’t dare to argue back, while Lana frustratedly stomped her feet but didn’t dare to utter a single word either.

She didn’t want to die.

Caleb couldn’t stop cursing away as he put his hands on his hips and wore those wooden clogs on his feet. He was just short of using a loudhailer to scold the two of them.

He just kept going on and on without even needing to breathe.

“You know what’s the most important thing in life? The most important thing is to be trustworthy. If you promise someone something, you must try your best to fulfil your promise. If you can’t even do that, you’re not even worthy to be alive!”


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