Billionaire God of War Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869

Caleb went on and on like a machine gun. He was so good at this, he could probably raise the dead with his words.

Lance and Lana continued to stand at the gate without saying a word.

Lana initially felt indignant and wanted to retort, but the more Caleb went on, the more guilty she felt and the more she blamed herself.

She was the one in the wrong. Her whole head was filled with this thought.

“So you’d better show some sincerity,” Caleb finally sighed. “There’s still hope for you two yet, so don’t say I didn’t give you two a chance.”

“You just need to fulfil your promise, and we won’t ask for more than that.”

“Yes, we understand,” Lance’s head was bowed and he looked very apologetic.

He glanced at Lana to see that she was nodding her head. She looked so dispirited that she seemed to be unable to do anything else but nod her head.

He had agreed to provide Palmer Group with the technology they needed, but Lana felt that this was something that belonged to the Salo family and could not be shared with others.

But now, their clan had abandoned them and was even willing to let them die in Tokyo. They had given up on protecting this family.

“Fine, I’ll bring you two in to see Ethan, you tell him yourself,” said Caleb. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you – his temper has become better over the past few years, so he won’t stoop to your level. But if you dare to be rude to him again, then you’d better be prepared to face the consequences! Humph!”

Lance and Lana nodded.

Caleb brought them into the shrine and into the main hall where Ethan was drinking tea.

“Ethan, I’m sorry,” Lana spoke up first. “I was the one in the wrong and I shouldn’t have gone back on my word.”

“We will do whatever that Lance promised you, so I hope you won’t be angry anymore.”

She took a deep breath and realized how naturally all those words came out. That was how guilty she felt inside.

She felt like she had let Ethan down terribly, and it would be awful of her not to make up for it.

“Just don’t do this again,” said Ethan. “I hope you will cherish this chance.”

In the past, these two siblings would have disappeared off the face of the earth by now. They wouldn’t be standing here right now.

But Ethan had many other things to consider now. He was no longer able to just do whatever he pleased like before.

He had many more things and people to care about now.

He turned to glance at Diane, and a tinge of gentleness flashed in his eyes. Besides her, there was really nobody else in the world who could change Ethan like this.

“Don’t worry, we will definitely do what we promised,” Lance quickly cut in. “Our family…has really disappointed us. I think they’ve used us as a bargaining chip and sold us to someone else.”

That definitely happened. He knew it.

The things that these two were in control of were very valuable, so they definitely made for good collateral. But Lance had no idea who the Salos were trying to work with and how they ended up becoming collateral.

He just knew that he couldn’t place his hopes on the clan, because that only led to death.

Ethan glanced at him. “You should be glad that you’re still of some value. Otherwise, actually being abandoned is a very normal thing to your family.”

That’s how it worked in the Third World.

It looked glamorous on the outside, but very few could understand the pain and sacrifice behind the gold and glitter.

Lance and Lana were from a very long standing clan, so they knew this very well. They had always just watched as others were sacrificed, and they never thought that this would happen to themselves one day.

“We understand,” Lance nodded. “No matter what, these are two separate matters. I must fulfil my promise to you first, then think about the clan later.”

He turned to Lana. “Lana.”

Lana nodded.

She hesitated for a moment. “Can everyone else leave the room?”


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