Billionaire God of War Chapter 1870

Chapter 1870

Lance walked out.

“Why?” Caleb rolled his eyes. Were there any secrets he couldn’t be privy to?

“Go out,” Lana insisted as her face reddened slightly. “I need to take off my clothes.”

Caleb was stunned.

Was this a joke?

Diane was around!

Even if she wanted to offer herself, she ought to take a look at the situation!

She was going to take off her clothes in this hall?

To repay Ethan?

Were all these aristocrats so open minded?

“Didn’t you hear me? Go out!” yelled Lana.

Caleb nodded. “Sure, you’re really amazing.”

He wanted to know what tactics Lana could possibly pull in front of Diane.

Besides Ethan and Diane, everyone else left the hall.

Lana didn’t say anything. She walked over to stand in front of Ethan, turned her back to him and undid her top to reveal her back.

Diane didn’t stop her.

She was stunned when she saw the tattoo on Lana’s back.

She looked in shock at Ethan, then back at Lana’s back. “This…”

“This is probably the thing they were transacting.”

“I never thought of this.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. He really never thought that the Salos would have one page of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, and that they would tattoo it on Lana’s back!

He just needed to take one look to know that the pattern of this tattoo was a genuine copy.

But where was the original page?

“This is a copy.” Lana pulled her clothes back on. “They tattooed it on me as a backup, or in other words, to be collateral for a transaction.”

“I don’t know where the original page is,” said Lana.

Ethan didn’t doubt her words. She was someone to be used as collateral, so there was no way she knew where the actual item was.

“Lance promised to provide you with the integrated circuit technology that we have, and that’s my area of expertise. I can help you to create a basic prototype, and I believe that’s what your technicians want,” said Lana. “As for this technique manual, you’ll have to find your own way of getting it.”

“Lance did not promise anything about this manual.”

Lana turned and laughed coldly. “All of you want this. I know that.”

Even though it was only a copy, it was still extremely valuable.

Ethan didn’t say anything.

It was true that he wanted the manual. Once he had all the pages, he would be able to unravel the mystery behind it and understand what his Master was trying to tell him.

There were two more pages out there, but he was very sure that they were with Third World powers.

He was getting closer and closer to the page that the Salos had.

“You can think of a way to help us leave Tokyo for where you guys are based. I’ll use the shortest time possible to complete what we’ve promised you.”

Ethan nodded and turned to look at Diane. “Let Greencliff know that we’re going back now.”

They could go back as and when they wanted to?

Lana was rather surprised.

There were people all over Tokyo watching them, but Ethan didn’t seem the least bothered.

Others might not know, but she could guess that besides the Masamune Syndicate, the royal family was also watching her closely. The two sides were fighting for her very likely because of the tattoo on her back.

It didn’t matter to them that this was only a copy.

“Are you sure we can leave?” Lana had to ask. “Both the Masamune Syndicate and the royal family are trying to prevent us from leaving, and even the Salos are trying to block our way. They won’t let me leave Tokyo so easily.”

“If I want to leave, who dares to stop me?” said Ethan flatly.

Just after Ethan said those words, Caleb came running in. He looked at Lana and was disappointed that she was properly dressed. Wasn’t she taking off her clothes? Was she done so quickly?

“Someone’s here to talk to you,” said Caleb.

“There’s nothing to discuss,” Ethan immediately rejected the idea.


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